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Global Wildlife Center

Updated on December 24, 2014
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Louisiana has many unique sites and interesting places to visit. Yvonne enjoys sharing her knowledge of local history, customs and events.

Largest Free Roaming Preserve in America

Nestled among the back roads of southeastern Louisiana, near Folsom, is a very unique wildlife preserve. Global Wildlife Center is the largest, totally free roaming preserve in the country. Animals of the grasslands from all over the world, some endangered or protected, make their home in the natural settings of the preserve. Safari tours are available which feature feeding the animals.

Global Wildlife is a great day trip for the whole family and is within easy driving distance from Baton Rouge, New Orleans or western Mississippi. It is open throughout the year, so a trip across the Lake to see the animals could be combined with the fun of Mardi Gras or any other celebration.

Global Wildlife is a Fun, Learning Adventure for the Whole Family.

The Adventure Begins

We love to visit wildlife parks and zoos, especially good ones, so we feel exceptionally lucky to have a treasure like Global Wildlife Center just a few miles away. We visited the preserve in spring when many of the baby animals were just venturing out.

The trip begins at the welcome center where a great gift shop is located. Here is Al, hugging his new friend, Rosie the pot bellied pig, goodbye right before we boarded the safari wagons. A cup of corn is included in the price of admission.

Baby Giraffe

Baby waits behind Mama. It's too shy to come eat and may still be nursing.

Baby Giraffe


John the Giraffe

Giraffes Book

Giraffes (Wild Ones)
Giraffes (Wild Ones)
After a trip to Global Wildlife, your child will enjoy learning more about this unusual animal.

Bison or American Buffalo

You can babble with a bison or gab with a gazelle. The animals come right up to the safari wagons.

Thunder on the Plains

Thunder on the Plains: The Story of the American Buffalo
Thunder on the Plains: The Story of the American Buffalo
The American bison was one of the most important animals for the Plains Indians. At one time the herds numbered in the thousands. It was said that a man on horseback could travel for days before he reached the other edge of the herd. This children's book provides a glimpse into the world of the bison.

Bison and Texas Longhorn

First rule at Global Wildlife is to hold on tight to the feeding cups. The enormous tongue can knock the cup out of your hand.

Albino Mother Antelope and Young

This albino antelope has a normal colored baby. I'm not sure what kind of antelope (or deer) it is. Albinos occur in the wild, but usually do not reach maturity because they are such easy prey.

Llama Family

The safari wagons are sturdy and allow a full view of the large open fields. The Llamas and other grazing animals cluster in the shade of the large trees.

Black Buck

This Black Buck was very friendly and followed the wagon for quite a while. It is endangered in India because of loss of habitat.

Baby Zebra


The Zebras had several foals when we were there. They are doing well at Global Wildlife.

Baby Animals Abound

African Animals Floor Puzzle

After the visit to Global Wildlife, the children will enjoy reliving their adventure by putting together this 24 piece floor puzzle. Puzzles promote good eye-hand coordination, visual perception and memory.

Zebra and Antelopes Relax

Zebra and antelope relax in the shade of the tall trees. Some of the animals are more cautious and stay back in the trees. It's hot and humid in Louisiana and the animals take advantage of the shade whenever they can.

Black Sheep

A variety of grazing animals live on the preserve, even some domesticated ones. Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool?

Axis Deer and Eland

Axis Deer and an Eland rest under the cool shade trees. Axis Deer are a native of India and have been widely introduced.

Male Axis Deer

In the wild Axis Deer follow the troups of monkeys and eat the fruit that the monkeys drop on the ground.

Antelope Eating Corn

A friendly Antelope eats from the cup in Al's hand. The animals that like corn follow the wagons and stick their heads inside to beg for food.

This one just opened its mouth and let Al pour the food in. Then it cleaned up all the corn that was spilled on the ground. Nothing was wasted.

Watusi Cattle of Africa

Watusi Cattle are the domesticated cattle of the Watusi tribe. They are used as currency or dowries in marriage contracts.

Abandoned Baby Red Kangaroo

Recently a baby Red Kangaroo that had been abandoned by it's mother was found alone out on the preserve. But, even though it was tiny and the odds were against it, a member of the preserve staff was able to successfully raise it. They named the little guy, Skippy, and here are some videos showing his progress.

Skippy the Kangaroo - Just Found

Skippy Learning to Hop

Which was your favorite animal?

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Field Trips Are Encouraged

The staff at Global Wildlife welcomes field trips all year long, even in winter.

In fact they provide many teaching materials that can be downloaded from their site and the center has even been featured in the third grade Harcourt Science Textbook, Louisiana edition.

Global Wildlife Map
Global Wildlife Map

Directions to Global Wildlife


The Center is approximately one hour east of Baton Rouge and one hour north of New Orleans. The following directions begin after you have made your way to I-12:

From New Orleans go west on I-12; From Baton Rouge go east on I-12.

~ Take I-12 to the Robert Exit #47 (Hwy. 445)

~ Go north on Hwy. 445 for approximately 10 1/2 miles

~ Turn right (east) on Hwy. 40 East

~ The Global Wildlife entrance is 1 1/2 miles on the left

View Interactive map

A Bag for the Trip

Here's a great bag to put all of your trip stuff in. You can find it and more at Naturegirl7 Zazzle Gallery.

Baby Giraffe Bag

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