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Most Romantic Hawaii Resorts -- Best Hawaii Resorts For Honeymooners

Updated on March 5, 2012

Hawaii Paradise

With its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and perfect weather, it's hard NOT to have a great time when you're on a Hawaiian vacation. However, if you really want to live it up, it can be worth it to splurge and stay in one of the most romantic resorts in Hawaii.

Many of these Hawaii romantic resorts provide so many activities right on the site that you don't even have to leave your hotel if you want to have a fun-filled trip (though I highly recommend that you do leave because the Hawaiian islands are gorgeous and full of culture, and worth checking out).

One thing to keep in mind, too, is that many of these places offering cheap vacation packages, especially during the off-season. So it's worth it to dig around on the hotels' Web sites and see if there are any special deals.

That said, here are a few of the best resorts from each of the main islands. So pack your swimsuit, get out the suntan lotion and shades, and prepare to have the trip of a lifetime!

Tour Of Turtle Bay Resort

Items For Destination Weddings In Hawaii And A Most Romantic Hawaii Vacation!

Oahu Resorts

Turtle Bay Resort: Located on Oahu's famed North Shore, Turtle Bay is almost like its own city. Accomodations range from well-kept suites to private cottages, and the grounds are immaculate. In fact, they have two golf courses there and offer a variety of activities including horseback riding and surfing lessons! And since the resort is right on the water, almost all of the views are incredible.

Hilton Hawaiian Village: I normally don't like to stay at, or promote Hilton Hotels, because I really don't want to contribute to Paris's inheritance. However, this particular Hilton, located right on Waikiki Beach, has a lot to offer, especially for families. For one thing, they have rooms to accomodate all different budgets, from standard discount hotel rooms to lavish suites. They also have several nice restaurants, including a great Chinese eatery that overlooks the water, and even a museum! And they have a submarine ride (though anyone can take this, regardless of whether you're staying there), and tropical penguins on the premises. I'll admit it -- it was the penguins that won me over!

The Royal Hawaiian: Warning - don't go here if you hate the color pink. Seriously, it's everywhere. The hotel is pink, they serve pink beverages ... you can even arranged to be picked up in a pink car. But what's cool about this place (pink overload aside) is that the Royal Hawaiian was built in 1927. So when you stay here, you're getting a bit of history along with your relaxation. Of course, the resort also has everything else you'd expect from a posh hotel: beautiful views and grounds, great service and one of the best seafood restaurants around.

Tour Of The Four Seaons Hotel In Maui

Maui Resorts

Four Seasons: You can't go wrong at the Four Seasons, which is a popular place for destination weddings and honeymoons. The grounds are amazing. Seriously, we're talkin' infinity pools that overlook the ocean and mountains. As for things to do, they have a spa, as well as tennis courts and golf courses. There are three restaurants, including the famed Spago, which also has a branch in L.A. And they offer plenty of kid-friendly activities -- and babysitters! -- so if you want get some alone time, this is a great place to do it.

Grand Wailea Resort And Spa: Everything about this place is over-the-top superlative. The SIX restaurants! Three golf courses! The luxury spa that's been named one of the top 10 best in the United States! And if that's not enough, you can go whale watching by the beach. Whale watching! Even the marine life is weighing in that this place is worth stopping by. What's great about the Grand Wailea, too, is that they offer many deals, especially online. So before booking with them, see if they're offering any cheap Hawaiian resort packages -- especially if you're planning to use this place as a honeymoon destination.

Tour Of The Kona Village Resort On The Big Island

Big Island Resorts

One thing to note about the Big Island is that you're not going to find too many resorts or luxury hotels near Hilo or Volcano National Park. While there are plenty of accomodations in those areas, they can be pretty bare-bones. Instead, many of the fancier hotels are located near Kona, which is on the drier, desert side of the island.

Kona Village Resort: This is the place to stay if you really want to experience Hawaii like a native. Guests stay in individual thatched-roof huts ... and there are no TVs, radios or phones. Okay, please stop hyperventilating. What more than makes up for this are the stunning views of black lava cliffs and the ocean. Also, they have one of the best luaus in Hawaii, which they offer twice a week.

Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa: This modern-looking resort is another fave for weddings; they even have a chapel on the grounds. While they offer all of the other typical resort amenities, one of their special events is their romantic dinner served under the stars. It's the perfect way to kick off that honeymoon!

View From The Princeville Resort In Kauai

Kauai Resorts

Princeville Resort: Like many of the resorts mentioned, this has ocean views, golf courses and a spa. However, it also offers condos to rent (a great way to save if you rent with several people and then cook your own food), and it's right near the spectacular Na Pali Coast.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort And Spa: This is one of those hotels where you never have to leave. The rooms are gorgeous, the grounds are stunning, and there's just so much to do -- like helicopter and ATV tours! You can also go snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. Basically, anything you ever wanted to do while in Hawaii is offered right here at the Hyatt.


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    • profile image

      Max 7 years ago

      Hawaii is DEFINITELY the place to go for honeymoons. It really isn't even a question to me, that's where I'm heading when I tie the knot!

    • needful things profile image

      needful things 8 years ago from Poland

      Someday I'll be going to Hawaii... for now it is but a dream.