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10 Reasons Why You Need a Holiday by the Seaside

Updated on August 26, 2019
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Christine, wife, mother, homemaker for over 40 years, has an NVQ3 in Childcare & Education, a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and TEFL.


Go To The Beach For An Affordable Family Day Out

You have had a hectic few days and you are in need of refreshment. What better way than to pack a bag and head off for the seaside. Even as you drive towards it, the sea air and sight of the sun sparkling on the blue water will fill you with a tingling delight. I well remember many an outing as a child, when along with my parents and three sisters we would all pile into our car with buckets, spades, deck chairs, sun cream, swimming costumes and towels and of course, the picnic food. I can still remember the thrill of the smell of the sea air and the sea breeze gently blowing on my face as we were finally permitted to clamber out of the car. The race to the beach would be closely followed by the race into the sea, as my parents would carefully spread the blanket and make a base for us to return to throughout the day. Invariably we would return home with shells, pebbles, sand and many happy memories as we wearily made our way to bed. I guess on those occasions, my parents had a peaceful evening, without a peep or murmur from us happily weary children. On those days we didn't need TV and computer games hadn't been invented, but the seaside was and is always there and demands little from us in return for giving us much pleasure.

Take a look at these 10 Reasons and if at the end, you have been convinced that you do need a holiday at the seaside, then cast your vote below!

1. The Sea Is Inspiring

Let the sea inspire you to greater things

Water is something that we all use every day and it can wash away more than just the pollution that contaminates us from day to day. Yet just being in a place that is so huge and so open, seems to beckon us into walking into greater things. I often go and sit by the water alone, to think and de-stress.

Holiday by the Sea Inspiration


2. The sea is a great place for getting into shape with watersports and beach games

Enjoy Water Sports And Beach Games - Have fun at the beach!

What is your favourite beach game/sport?

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3. The seaside has something for everyone

There's Something For Everyone At The Beach

What would be your most important piece of beach equipment? Vote here!

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4. It's a cheap day out

What NO money needed?!

Day trips often involve entrance fees, buying lunch out (no available picnic areas) and shopping(just for something to do)! Not so with trips to the beach, where you can normally spend the whole day without spending any money, if you so desire. A great plus when taking the whole family!

5. The seaside is a natural place to get vitamin D and a tanned body.

BUT- Don't spoil your trip to the sea by getting burnt!

Just make sure you don't stay in the direct sun for too long and cover up after a while. Don't forget that sunhat and sunshade!


6. The sea is a natural habitat to learn all about sealife

Take the buckets and spades and explore rock pools for crabs, shells and even seaweed. See if anyone can see any fish and have fun collecting interesting stones to take home and paint.

Stones from the beach, painted at home
Stones from the beach, painted at home | Source

7. The sea air is good for you-

with an open expanse that helps you to breath clean air.

The smell of the sea..

I always love the smell of the sea, especially after returning from a trip to the city with all the smells and noise!

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.

— Isak Dinesen

8. The sea is away from noise and pollution

A place for peace and quiet!


Listen To The Sounds Of The Sea

The sounds of the waves and the seagulls gently cutting out all other noise of everyday life, such as our modern world blasts us with every day and all the pollution that goes with it. When guests come to stay with us at our house by the sea, they always say how peaceful it is, despite these natural sounds.

9. There's lots of it- room for everyone!

Get away from the crowds of city life, by enjoying the space and expansion of sand and sea. Run along the shore where you can breath and be free. A great place for the kids to let off steam and be carefree for a few hours.

10. The Sea Has Always Been There

We've been enjoying it for hundreds of years.

Bathing in the sea

Bathing in the sea became popular in the 17th Century, but by the 19th Century the Victorian Seaside Resort was becoming much more accessible with the arrival of the train. The sea water and the sun were believed to have medicinal benefits.

The Victorian Seaside Resort

Although for the men it was a relatively easy affair to swim freely in just their drawers, for the women it was a huge process that required the use of bathing machines, which were basically boxes on wheels that would be drawn by horses onto the beach. The lady would discreetly change inside the windowless box into quite a full outfit and then the box would be pulled into the water, where she would climb down into the water from one end. Sometimes in the concern over the waves and tides, they would be attached to their box with a rope once they were in the water. After a few minutes in the sea and becoming wet and disarrayed, they would climb back in and be dragged back onto the beach where they would dry and dress themselves. The men and women would be quite separate on the beach, maintaining their discreetness.

So- Do You Need A Holiday At The Seaside? - Let us know what you have decided below!


Have these 10 reasons persuaded you?

See results

© 2011 Christine Hulme


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