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how to travel in Europe on a budget

Updated on April 26, 2017

Travelling is a passion

I like to travel, see new places. For each summer I plan a trip for our family, I start to plan our trip from the winter months, it is exiting to read travel books, famous blogs about the city we plan to visit. We learn about culture, history, museum, places to visit, places to eat, transportation etc...

We usually visit European cities. Up to now, we visited München, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Berlin , Florence, Rome, Venice and beautiful Tuscany historical cities like st. Gemilianno, Sienna, Stockholm, Malmö in Sweden, Europe capital like London, Paris, Vienna, major cities in Holland, small and enchanting Luxembourg, historical Bruge. We are planning a trip to Russia:)))

Sometimes we take a tour sometimes we travel alone. But we always try travel on a budget. How? Please read my hub.

Stop dreaming and start packing

buy cheaply

Choose a country and plan your trip wisely.

Airfares or train tickets are the most costly item in the travel budget.

There are many ways to find cheap tickets. many airlines have promotions, you can follow and trace these opportunities.


Very early or very late flights are usually cheaper than other flights.

Buy tickets from consolidators. They usually buy block fares and sell them at discount prices ( to assist the airlines to fill planes).

In early booking you can buy very cheap tickets.

The Most Important Thing

The world is a book and the those who do not travel, read only a page.

St. Agustin

Europe City Tourist Cards

City cards provide discount to museums, free public transport, discounts in restaurants, shops and entertainment places. I used the London card and saved 50 Euros.

Free walking tours

In Europe countries you can find free walking tours. You can see the city attractions, learn about history and culture free of charge.

A good traveler has no plan and do not intent to reach his destination. Lao tzu

Travel TOP secrets

Travel low budget tips

If you want to travel with a low budget you can

a- Organize a group tour. Be social, tell your friends how great travelling is. Plan a tour and invite them to join you. As a group leader, you can get discount from the travel agencies.

b- Take a challenge. Plan a special tour like travelling in Mediterranean coast by bike. You can find sponsorship.

c- Enter travel contests.

Travel Deals

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    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      It always helps to travel according to a budget. Thank you for the tips.