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John Wayne Airport (SNA) - Directions, Shuttle, Car Rental, Hotels, Restaurants

Updated on October 20, 2017

Safety and convenience are always primary considerations when choosing an airport for domestic and international travel. Geographic location, weather, and proximity to amenities and necessities such as hotels, shuttle service, car rental, restaurants, and financial institutions can sometimes play a major role in the selection process especially for the business traveler.

Another very important aspect albeit to a lesser degree, is what I call the "Big 3", potential traffic congestion, airport accessibility, and parking availability or lack there of. At one point or another during our travels, we've all experienced the inevitable airport related frustration and delays due to vehicle over capacity on the freeways and terminal grounds, or the lack of adequate parking structures or spaces which forces us to rigorously circle the airport numerous times in perpetual motion before an open slot is identified. The preceding scenarios, in addition to several other critically important planning and logistical factors are the main reasons why many travelers are now taking advantage of Orange County's John Wayne Airport. It's certainly not "exempt" from large crowds and traffic congestion, but the odds of realizing a more seamless and less frustrating travel experience are substantially greater when utilizing JWA.



John Wayne Airport, also known as "Orange County Airport" or "Santa Ana Airport" located right on the border of Santa Ana & Irvine California which consistently rates in the top 5 list of safest cities in the nation, is home to 10 commercial, 2 commuter, and 2 cargo airlines. It's the only designated commercial service in Orange County and serves approximately 9 million travelers each year. The facility is centrally located within the County of Orange and almost an equal distance between San Diego County approximately 50 miles to the south, and Los Angeles County approximately 30 miles to the north. JWA is the only airport that can be accessed by all major metropolitan areas in Southern California by freeway commute of an hour or less. Near perfect year round weather provides seamless take off and landing conditions, delays are an uncommon occurrence.


Rural communities typically have one main airport designated for commercial air travel, but here in Southern California, we are very fortunate to have several prestigious venues within a 125 mile radius from which to choose. Over the past few decades, Orange County representatives have anticipated, planned for, and experienced significant growth leading to brisk development of upscale, highly desirable residential, commercial, and retail venues resulting in a sustained increase in the number of short distance commuters and long distance travelers who are now taking full advantage of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana verses higher profile LAX . The discovery and conversion to this less congested, centrally located Orange County facility by the local population is indeed trending up.


Due to its close proximity to densely populated residential communities, JWA is known for very high acceleration take offs, sometimes near or at full throttle in order to gain altitude rapidly. Per an official spokesperson, city ordinances have a minimal "noise" tolerance policy regarding air bus traffic so in an effort to significantly reduce high decibel by-product, the commercial flights will at times modify standard procedure to ensure compliance. The result is a swifter take off at a moderately steeper angle, and once appropriate altitude is achieved, the power or "Throttle" is reduced to normal cruising speed.

As a very active traveler based here in Orange County California, I've flown out of JWA several times for both business and personal adventures, and on my maiden voyage, there was a somewhat noticeable difference in speed and take off angle as compared to most other airports. Some individuals take it in stride saying the experience provided minimal if any difference compared to other facilities, however, the enhanced accelerated ascent was indeed a memorable experience for me, but now that I am aware of this altered take off policy and procedure, I'm still extremely comfortable flying out of this airport. The facility is consistently ranked as an exceedingly safe airport and the mention of this slightly augmented aviation style is just an FYI for first time JWA travelers.


Best List of Amenities & Services Near JWA

To help make your vacation or business travel planning process as convenient and effortless as possible, I've compiled what I call the "Best List" of nearby amenities to John Wayne Airport. Please read on to find 5 separate categories comprised of nearby Hotels, Car Rental Companies, Airport Shuttle Service, and Restaurants located on the JWA premises or within close proximity to your arrival or departure point. I've also included an interactive online map to help you obtain driving directions for everything listed with a simple "click".


  • The following lists are for informational purposes -

Restaurants Located at JWA:

- Restaurant -
- Location -
- Phone -
Brioche Doree Cafe' & Bakery 
Between Terminals A & B 
No Phone 
Gibson Guitar Lounge 
Departure Level Gate 11
(949) 252-6125 X10
Creative Croissants 
Departure Level Gate 6
(949)  252-1040
Host Snack Bars
Departure Level Near Ticket Counters
(949) 252-6125 X10
Departure Level Gates 11 & 4
(949) 252-6140
Oasis Grill & Sky Lounge
Departure Level Food Court
(949) 252-6125 X10
Sports Page Pub
Departure Level Gate 4
(949) 252-6125 X10
Starbucks Coffee
Departure Level Gates 11, 4 & Food Court
(949) 252-6125 X10

Hotels Near JWA:

- Hotel -
- Phone -
Hilton Irvine 
(866) 763-3059
Atrium Hotel at Orange County Airport 
(833) 833-2770
Embassy Suites Irvine 
(949) 553-8332
Irvine Marriott
(949) 553-0100
Radisson Hotel Newport Beach
(949) 833-0570
Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa
(714) 540-7000
Crowne Plaza Irvine
(949) 863-1999

Car Rental Near JWA:

- Company -
- Phone -
Alamo Rent A Car 
(888) 826-6893
Avis Rent - A - Car 
(949) 660-5200
Budget Rent - A - Car 
(949) 252-6241
Go Rent A Van
(949) 250-9569
John Wayne Airport, O.C.
(949) 252-5200
National Car Rental
(888) 826-6890

Shuttle Service:

- Company -
- Phone -
Airway One Shuttle 
(714) 716-9615
AMPM Shuttle 
(949) 678-4549
Discount Shuttle 
(800) 699-4826
(800) 733-8267
(800) 258-3826
Orange County Cruiser
(949) 586-4347

Maps - Driving Directions:

A markerJohn Wayne Airport -
John Wayne Airport (SNA), 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707, USA
get directions

JWA (SNA) Address / Phone

18601 Airport Way

Santa Ana, CA 92707

(949) 252 - 5200


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 6 years ago from > California

      Hello JWA, Thanks for stopping by & You are Very Welcome.

      As a former frequent traveler via John Wayne Airport it was a pleasure to Design & Develop this user friendly guide to provide all future visitors relevant and useful reference information combined and condensed on one convenient page. Hopefully visitors will find it a significant time saver when searching online for ground transportation or a nice hotel in the Orange County area.

      If you have any suggestions for something you would like to see included in this guide, please feel free to leave another comment, if it's something that can be added and integrated I will do my best to accommodate.

      Thanks again for Visiting & the Comment, it's greatly appreciated.

      Alternative Prime

    • profile image

      John Wayne Airport 6 years ago

      This is great info - thanks!

    • telltale profile image

      telltale 6 years ago

      I remembered John Wayne Airport very well in the 90s, when I was visiting my HQ in Orange County. I have used this airport several times, taking flights to Las Vegas and San Francisco. Nice compact Airport with suitable facilities available like restaurants. Very convenient, dropping my rented car off at the Airport and taking a flight to my destination. Not a very famous Airport like LAX, but well known to those who have been to Irvine, OC. Thanks for the memories!