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Visit the Beautiful City of Ludwigsburg, Germany

Updated on January 18, 2017

Tour the Fantastic City of Ludwigsburg, Germany


Ludwigsburg is a fantastic and grandly scenic city in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. It is located 12 kilometers or 7.5 miles north of the city of Stuttgart and approximately 140 kilometers or 87 miles from the city Frankfurt, Germany, which is the location of Frankfurt International Airport. It is one of our favorite sight-seeing day trips in Germany. The main attraction is the magnificent Residential Palace and the beautiful gardens around the palace. One can spend a whole day walking and touring the gardens, enjoying the scenery, taking videos and pictures, as well as visiting the museums inside Residenzschloss.

Photo/Picture Credit: Although most of the pictures depicted in this lens was donated to the public domain in Wikimedia Commons, we would like to give credit and thanks to Immanuel Giel,unless otherwise specifically attributed to another person.

The Residential Palace (Residenzschloss) Ludwigsburg

The Residential Palace, known as Residenzschloss, was built between 1704 and 1733 during the rule of Duke Eberhard Ludwig. It is one of the greatest, most beautiful, and best-preserved baroque palaces in Germany. It houses 452 rooms in over 28 buildings. The palace is called the "Swabian Versailles" and in the past was used as the residence of the Kings of Wurttemberg.

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Schlossverwaltung Ludwigsburg

Schlossstrasse 30

71634 Ludwigsburg

Phone: 07141 / 18 20 04

Fax: 07141 / 18 64 34


Things to Do at Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg Tourism Information

1. Take a walking tour of the gardens. There is the Northern Garden, the Southern Garden, the Eastern Garden, and the Maerchengarten, also known as the "Fairy Tale Garden". You can take a lot of photos and videos. The Northern Garden has a variety of sculpted plants decorated with tiny roses and other beautiful flowers.

2. Tour the Japanese garden, discover the covered botanical garden, and bird sanctuary behind the Castle. See if you can find some exotic birds.

3. If you have children, they'll probably enjoy the Fairy Tale Garden. There are several fairytale scenes and attractions. Here, there are houses or structures where you have to yell or do something for something to happen. You and the children may be surprised. Take the boat tour. Our kids were amazed back then when they were still little. There's also a place where man-made frog figures spit water depending on where you go.

4. If you brought a cooler and picnic basket, you should be able to find that magic spot to relax , have lunch or snack while enjoying the scenery.

Videos of Ludwigsburg, Germany

More Things To Do

1. Visit the Baroque Gallery. Depending on your likes and preferences, see some very interesting collections of paintings from the baroque period.

2. Visit the Museum of Ceramics. View the extensive collection of porcelain and ceramics in Ludwigsburg Residential Palace. The museum displays a collection of porcelain and ceramics from outstanding manufacturers of the 18th and 19th centuries.

3. Visit the Fashion Museum. See a collection of clothing from the 18th to the 20th century. The museum shows the interesting development of and changes in women's, men's and children's fashion over the last three hundred years.

Ludwigsburg Twin Towns and Sister Cities

Saint Charles, Missouri, USA,

since 1995

Montbeliard, France,

since 1950

Caerphilly, United Kingdom,

since 1960

Eupatoria, Ukraine,

since 1990

Rose Garden

Karusell (Carousel)


Emischsburg (Emich, the castle), is a building in the East Garden of the Blossoming Baroque (Residential Palace) in Ludwigsburg . The castle is now mainly used as Rapunzel tower in the fairy tale garden of the park .

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