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Mexico and Playa del Carmen

Updated on July 3, 2017
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Sherry is retired and loves to share photos and her vacation experiences, especially beach resorts. Read her reviews on HubPages in Travel.

The Beach South of Cancun

2012 we discovered the beach in Mexico. We joined part of the family at Playa del Carmen for a wedding vacation. It was a wonderful experience and my husband very much wanted to return to this part of Mexico. Being Mexican he has experienced a few beaches and a few cities in Mexico and Playa del Carmen was definitely a place to return to.

Highlighted is the resort we stayed at both times we visited. Learn about the other Cancun beach locales in Mexico.

Our return trip was May, 2014.

Third floor balcony view at dusk
Third floor balcony view at dusk

White Sands of the Beach

The first pleasantry to take note of in Playa del Carmen is the walk friendly white sand. It is white due to the porous material of soft coral and shell that makes the sand cool and easy to walk on even in the height of the day.

Now look towards the green and blue varied hued water. Walk in because the water is warm and must be in the mid 80's. Surfing is not big here but enjoy the soft rolls of the green sea. Pelicanos, sand pipers in luscious fashion black and browns, frigate birds, terns and a few gulls are companions. Or rent a paddle board for a leisure look of the ocean further out.

Floats allow swimmers and fisherman to share the same beach.
Floats allow swimmers and fisherman to share the same beach.

This Mexican Beach is for Fisherman too

Fisherman are present as well. Floats mark the boundaries between vacationer and worker and the space in front of the Gran Real is adequate for the wader, casual snorkeler and light swimmer. Warm streams of water float around you.

This is your experience at the Gran Porto Real on the beach directly in front of the hotel. You will never be without a cool drink refreshment because servers take good care of you. Unlike a cruise, all drinks are included with your stay.

My husband was curious, because we met visitors from all over the world, we found out that Americans are the biggest tippers, Canadians second and Europeans seem to feel tips are included in the original price. We met vacationers from Holland, Toronto, Britain, Spain. Wales, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Scotland and the U.S.

Paint A Memento
Paint A Memento

Children Friendly

If you stay at the Gran Porto Real kids are going to have fun too. There is a kids play room for those times when parents need some time to catch up with each other.

Plenty of room in the pool area for kids and adults.

Billiards table, ping pong, giant chess set, and nightly stage shows poolside in the breezy outdoors.

And of course, the easy to play in white porous sand next to a quiet surf and plenty of blue lounge chairs. Beach side lunch hut with a different menu everyday. You do not even have to leave the beach.

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen
Gran Porto Real, Mexico
Gran Porto Real, Mexico

Bring cool Non-clinging Clothes to the Yucatan

A word of advice is do not wear your favorite clinging jeans or capris. Wear skirts or shorts when in humid Yucatan. Skirts are my favorite and shorts are on every young lady.

Derek Heart Juniors Allover Print Crinkle Boho Skirt
Derek Heart Juniors Allover Print Crinkle Boho Skirt

I like the just below the knee look because I am short. A shirt like this one would get a quite shortening with the scissors. I do not even finish off with a hem. Just let the ends ravel.

Royal Robbins Women's Discovery Skirt
Royal Robbins Women's Discovery Skirt

I am considering adding this to my wardrobe. I like the pocket idea.

Let's hike among the Maya ruins.


Views From the Diningroom

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In the evening you do not have to dine in the buffet diningroom. There is also Mexican and Italian restaurants. One night a week is outdoor dining with full complement of Mexican dishes and desserts with the Mexican States Stage Show. Also, Mexican bizarre with local artists.

Going out on the town is one and two blocks away on the very busy 5th Avenue.

Inside the Resort

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The Pool and Beach

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Vacationing in Playa del Carmen - An Evening at the Mexican Restaurant

Finally, hot coffee and Kahula, though, I do not think the experience will get any clearer with strong Mexican coffee.
Finally, hot coffee and Kahula, though, I do not think the experience will get any clearer with strong Mexican coffee.

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View of the Gran Porto Real Resort
View of the Gran Porto Real Resort

The hotel resort is very picturesque with a town house villa effect. It is the most inviting hotel on the whole playa.

Rivera Maya Wikipedia
Rivera Maya Wikipedia

We Were Not Disappointed with Our Vacation in Mexico

Each day you can time your excursion and come back when you want. Go two blocks and stroll 5th Avenue for scores of shops, restaurants and people watching. Do a day trip to Cozumel and snorkel in the best waters in the area.

Maya ruins abound and natural water parks are about 40 minutes away.

Strolling north along the beach from the hotel it is a tiny bit full of graffiti, but walking on north brings you picturesque small resorts and interesting sides streets leading back to 5th Avenue. Walking south takes you to the pier. Strolling this resort into the beachside avenues is relaxing the and offers numerous Mexican vibes.

© 2014 Sherry Venegas

Would You Consider A Vacation near Cancun? - Have you stayed in at Playa del Carmen?

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I have never been to any beach in Mexico so I enjoy looking at your pictures and reading about your experience. I have only been to Guadalajara and Mexico City.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E. Franklin 2 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I was able to spend part of a summer near Cancun, and was blown away by the beauty of the beaches there. I don't remember visiting Playa del Carmen specifically, but the white sands and blue water in your pics certainly bring back memories of that summer.

    • Cari Kay 11 profile image

      Kay 3 years ago

      Looks beautiful! Never stayed near Cancun but enjoyed visiting resorts around the Caribbean when we lived in Trinidad.

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