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New terminal at Kiev Boryspol Airport

Updated on February 14, 2011

Terminal F at Kiev Boryspol Airport

I have just returned from a trip to Ukraine and upon my departure I used the new terminal F at Kiev Airport.

My flight was with Ukraine International Airlines and landed in Kiev on 21st October 2010 and I used the old terminal for baggage collection and passport control. My departure ten days later was via the new terminal which has been built to extend the small airport so it can meet modern standards and also to meet with the expectations of the UEFA football body. As you may know, Ukraine is due to co host the UEFA Euro 2012 competition and some airports including Kiev are undergoing an upgrade.


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Photo of new airport

A soft landing

I can report that there were no issues with the new terminal on 31st October. Everything appeared to be functioning correctly.

The location of this terminal is very handy as it is only a 3 minute walk from the other terminals. Currently there are plans to introduce a shuttle bus which will take passengers to each terminal and also to the local hotel situated in the airport. This should hopefully be implemented in time for the harsh Ukrainian winter (there was no such bus when I was at this airport).

Further Information

This website has more detailed information about the new Terminal F at Kiev Airport including maps, floor plans and so forth.

This hub has helpful information on how to get to Kharkov from Kiev.

Which flight goes where?

Whenever there is a new terminal built at any airport there is always some initial confusion about which flights will be affected and which will depart from the existing terminals.

So just to try and clear things up a bit:

1) All Ukraine International Airlines flights outside of Ukraine now land/depart from terminal F.

2) Other International airlines may use either F or B so check with the airline

3) All domestic flights are still using terminal A

You can see the departures/arrivals from any terminal by looking at the screens in either terminal A,B or F.

There are additional terminals planned for the airport so you may wish to bookmark this page as it contains general information about Kiev airport.

Planning a visit to Kiev?

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