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Places to Visit in England

Updated on July 19, 2013

There is so Much to See in England

If you have never been to England, then you're in for a treat. There's so much Heritage there, that you will never be able to explore it all in one lifetime. There is plenty you can do on your own and much more you can do with loved ones.

Sure there are the normal places you can visit like The Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, etc. There are many other places that some people don't even know are there, don't think to visit while they are in England. I am hoping to shed a little light on some of these places as well.

The first thing you should do is educate yourself on the country and find out what interests you. Some people want to see castles. Others want to experience the Cathedrals and Churches all over the country. Some people are only interested in seeing the museum and history based landmarks. Even others still want to see the art and architecture of the country. I have even met people who want to learn how people lived in the times of several centuries ago. How did they feed themselves and so on. Let us explore.

The Bald Explorer - Explore England in a Way You Never Thought Possible

If you want to take a look at England in a way the locals look at England, you should watch an episode or two of The Bald Explorer. He explores places like Petworth and Shrewbury. These are cities you don't think about when you think about visiting the Mother Country.

Let's Visit London First

You Could Spend a Month in London and Still not See Everything.

Buckingham Palace - Of course you will want to see where the Queen and her family live and do business. Then there is the Royal Guard. It is always fun to see them.

The Tower of London - This is where the Crown Jewels are kept. They are amazing to look at. Too bad they won't let you touch them.

The London Eye - Super awesome, super slow Farris wheel.

Ride the Tube - And don't forget to Mind the Gap. You can get all over the City by taking the subway or as the British call it, the Tube.

The British Museum - If you like art, You have to see this Museum.

St. Pauls Cathedral - My favorite part of this visit is that you can whisper around the dome and someone on the other side can hear what you are saying. The view from the top is awesome as well.

Tower Bridge - Often Misidentified as the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge is one of the Prettiest in the world.

Houses of Parliament - Go see Big Ben, the clock tower on the top of the Parliament Building.

Harrods - A Shopping store that is huge. We went there for a few hours and still not see it all. It is several floors tall a takes up an entire block. It is pretty at night when all the lights are on as well.

London's Unique Places

Let's Visit Some of the Lesser Known Sites in London

Neal's Yard - I tight grouping of Colorful Buildings with great shops to visit.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel - Take a walk under the river. It is an interesting walk through old looking construction. It is very steampunk looking to me.

FOYLES - If you like books, you should check out this famous bookstore.

GORDON’S WINE BAR - The Oldest Wine Bar in London

British Travel Guides - If you are going to visit, you might want a guide

Books are always a good thing to have. You may be able to do most of your research online or even on your smartphone. That is great. I find having one of these travel guides gives me something to do on those long plane and bus rides. You will be amazed at some of the little places you will want to visit.

Places to Visit Outside of London

Now You Want to See Places Outside of London, Where do You Go?

Bath - The Romans built baths when they controlled England. These are some of the most amazing buildings in England. Throw in a coin for good luck. I am amazed at all the different currency in the waters. There were bills of dozens of countries.

Stonehenge - They may be big rocks, but they are historical big rocks. The area is quiet and serene. If you can get out there when the clouds are out and the grass is green, the sight is beautiful.

Windsor Castle - One of the biggest castles in the world, Windsor is amazing. You have to be there to understand.

Hadrian's Wall - This wall stretches for miles. The landscape it crosses is beautiful.

Warwick Castle

York Minster




Unusual and Unique Places to Visit

Not Everyone Will Visit These Places. You Should Chek Them Out.

Coalport Station Holidays, Shropshire - Sleep in a Train Car

House in the Clouds, Suffolk - This is an unusual house that is raise high above the trees. You can stay there as well.

The House of Marbles - See some of the oldest marbles in the world. You can also see the longest marble run in the world. it is an amazing thing to see.

Teapot Island - 6700+ Teapots. Need I say more?

Cuckooland - If you like clockwork, you are going to have a hard time keeping your jaw off the ground.

Visit the Worlds Longest Marble Run - at the House of Marbles

Ever since I have seen the videos of this place, I have wanted to visit it. They are supposed to have one of the largest collections of marbles in the world.

Have a Little Wine In an Amazing Place - Gordon's Wine Bar

What Are Your Favorite English Places to Visit? - I want to know all the great places I have missed

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