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Amtrak Best Train Adventure

Updated on February 17, 2022
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Linda Hahn is an excellent writer and a passable researcher! She has a blog, too!

Going Home Again - On The Train

I recently spent a great deal of time riding on a train, an Amtrak train that is. And I decided to inflict this experience outward, to the not-so-nimble reader. Also following are some official Amtrak links, also train travel tips.

Run like the very wind! But not away! Oh no. Run to the train station. Amtrak is the adventure. I actually enjoy the whole feel of Amtrak, the rhythmic action movements of travel, exciting, but lulling, like rain pounding on an old tin roof.

Ok then.

Scenic California Route

Entertainment on the Train

Take your own!

It's all on you to provide your own. Plan ahead. There will be nothing to do unless you bring it yourself. And don't forget the headphones!






Look out the window. On Amtrak, the California Zephyr has fantastic nature views. Going through the mountains, I caught this one.

Entertainment on the Train

Part 2

People actually converse while they're traveling Amtrak. Small groups form and break up as the scenery changes from one fantastic view to another.

People find themselves relaxing; a subtle message from the train clatter helps to let go. The passengers come to be in a vacation mood, a traveling mood, very light-hearted at the beginning, more challenging at the end. I'll be adding a module on this challenge soon.

High Speed Rail

For God's sake, why can't we have a fast train in this country? It's not the Middle Ages anymore.

Keep on keeping on!

Best form of travel - Absolutely the train

It's much more peaceful than the airlines and doesn't have such a police state mentality.

Rainbow Cake, Disaster Mode


Food on the Train

Don't forget the cake!

No heavy duty or complicated items. Non-perishables are what you need. Take a nice picnic basket, or a food bag, and load it up. Pudding, fruit cups, homemade cookies if you can get them. Load up that picnic basket until you can walk no more. Think Yogi Bear!

Remember, that bag will be empty when you leave the train, empty and lightweight.

1. Trail Mix

2. Fruit

3. Crackers

Click on the picture for a fun baking disaster story.

At The Station

At The Station
At The Station

The Time Capsule

It has been seven long years since I have traveled back home, of course on Amtrak, it's not as scary as the airlines. I'm due to see all my family, in particular, all the babies I've missed on my watch. Coming from a large family, I've learned to go every couple of years. Otherwise, I miss out on the tiny tots.

Covid has been raging for two years now, but I don't care. I will wear my mask and socially distance to the best of my ability.

© 2012 Linda Hahn


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