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Royalton Bed and Breakfast in Vermont

Updated on January 1, 2014

Bed and Breakfast in Royalton, Vermont

Royalton Bed and Breakfast is the ideal place to stay when visiting central Vermont. My home in Royalton has been in the family since the town began. The house itself was built in 1840 and added onto in 1860. You will enjoy the charm of the old farmhouse style while enjoying modern conveniences such as two shared baths and delicious food prepared over the gas stove. The house has 8 bedrooms but only three are rented out proving a cozy atmosphere where guests and hosts are able to sit together for breakfast or to wind down after a day of exploring Vermont.

Located just 2 miles from Vermont Law School, Royalton Bed and Breakfast is the ideal spot for parents of Law School students to stay as well as for prospective students. Other guests come when attending events at the Hitching Post Riding School, Tunbridge Fairgrounds Events and other local attractions.

This article highlights the myriad of opportunities you can enjoy when visiting Royalton Bed and Breakfast.

We are located within a few hours of three major cities, Boston, NYC and Montreal and just a few miles off I-89 between exits 2 and 3.

From the Porch at Royalton Bed and Breakfast

View from Royalton Bed and Breakfast
View from Royalton Bed and Breakfast

Photo Credit: View from Royalton Bed and Breakfast

Family Photo

All rights reserved

Looking out from the front porch at Royalton Bed and Breakfast you will see acres of verdant green pastures and rolling hills. Cows graze on neighboring fields. Birds twitter in the trees. A huge barn speaks of days gone by. Staying at Royalton Bed and Breakfast you can experience the quietness of the country and imagine what life was like one or two centuries ago when sheep dotted the hills and hay was cut with a scythe.


Vermont Guidebook - Guidebook to Vermont

Using this guidebook you will be able to discover events, museums, restaurants and so much more. Have you been to the Tunbridge World's Fair or driven down a tree covered back road? This Vermont Guidebook will take you to special places you might not yet have discovered. Purchase this book as you plan your trip and use it as you travel around Vermont. Then come back each night to Royalton Bed and Breakfast to discuss your discoveries with the other guests...

Explorer's Guide Vermont (Thirteenth Edition)  (Explorer's Complete)
Explorer's Guide Vermont (Thirteenth Edition) (Explorer's Complete)

Use this guide to discover Vermont and all it has to offer you while you stay at Royalton Bed and Breakfast...


Bedroom at Royalton Bed and Breakfast - Spacious Bedroom


Photo Credit: Bedroom at Royalton Bed and Breakfast

Family Photo

All Rights Reserved

Each of the three bedrooms at Royalton B&B feature queen-sized beds and incredible views of the surrounding fields, forests and hillsides. Feel toasty warm in winter under comfort or quilt. Drift off to sleep to the sound of spring peepers and wake up to birds twittering in the trees.

Many guests have said that they have never had such a peaceful sleep as when they stayed with us. Make your reservation today...

Have you ever been to Vermont?

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Which room did you stay in? Where were you coming from? What make you choose Royalton Bed and Breakfast?

We have many people stay because of the Vermont Law School but we also have people come from all over the world who have heard about Vermont and just want to experience Vermont's uniqueness.

Tell us about your experience staying at Royalton B&B...

Have you stayed at Royalton Bed and Breakfast yet? - Please post your impressions of your stay at Royalton Bed and Breakfast...

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    • Yvette Munro profile image

      Yvette Munro 3 years ago

      Your bed and breakfast looks beautiful. I would love to visit, need to put it on my bucket list.