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Senior Travel Hints

Updated on March 3, 2013
Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy

Senior Travel

Senior travel should not be an issue as long as travelers take time to research and plan in advance. Those who rush into trips that have been poorly planned are setting themselves up for disappointments and bad memories. People travel because they are seeking experiences that they cannot have at home. Those who travel do so for the experience of visiting new places and meeting different people. Some might think it is about the food - in reality - one does not have to travel far to eat different cuisine - It is about those things that can only be experienced by distant travel.

Group Travel
Group Travel
Solo Traveler
Solo Traveler

Groups or Individuals?

The first question one has to ask their self is "do I want to travel by myself - with a partner - in a group?" There are pros and cons to that question. The main reason to travel by yourself is flexibility. Alone your trip is what you - alone - make it. You can go where you want - when you want - how you want. Traveling as a couple - either with a spouse - or a companion - means compromise. With a partner you have to negotiate - itinerary - time line - mode of travel - cost - all factors involved in travel. In a group situation most elements of the trip are completely planned for you - time of departure - itinerary - sites to visit - when to eat - when to play - total structure - minimal options. Where individual or couple travel allows much more freedom - group travel offers set schedules so you know exactly what you will be doing each day - and offers the comfort and security of being in a group with a designated leader or guide.

Styles of travel

If you elect to travel in a group you need to determine if your experience will focus on education - spiritual - recreation. Keeping in mind that a group that has similar focus would help make your experience more rewarding. Mixing people together with different interests could pose a problem as one might prefer quite time relaxing on a beach while another prefers active walking and exploring. Seeking groups with similar activity levels and interests helps assure a pleasant experience.

Spiritual Travel Experience

Holy Land - Israel
Holy Land - Israel

The Final Decision

After considering the various options - seniors will now be well armed with all the information needed to make an intelligent choice. No one way of travel is right for everyone - each person - each trip - each destination - play a part in the final decision. Asking the correct questions - seeking information from those who have done what you are considering - goes far in the final decision. As frequent international travelers - we have experienced each of the options and have learned that trying different styles of travel have provided us with the experiences to enjoy the trips we take as well as helping others to enjoy the same.

Bon Voyage!



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