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14 Tips For Safe Senior Travel!

Updated on January 11, 2018

Age is only a number, right? True enough! Whether you're 75 or 85 who says you can't hop on the next flight to Vegas or RSVP for you grand kid's wedding in the Bahama's.

With a little bit of planning and a few more precautions the world is your oyster.

Here are a few tips to help you travel the world and the seven seas no matter your age.

1. Get The All-Clear From Your Doctor

Go for a check-up and get the green light from your doctor. If there are any changes in your health status he should be able to identify them before you board your flight. Bora Bora is the last place you want to be looking for a doctor!

2. Get Your Vaccinations

Avoid the avoidable. Review your history of vaccinations with your doctor, let him know where you're going, and get the latest and greatest modern medicine has to offer. You do not want to get yellow fever, measles, mumps, rubella, or rabies while on vacation.

3. Take Extra Medications

Make sure you take all of your medications with you and pack up to an extra weeks supply. The extra supply will cover you in the event you drop some pills or you end up staying a little longer than anticipated.

4. Fill-out Additional Prescriptions

Ask your doctor to fill out additional prescriptions for each of your medications. Also make sure he includes the branded name and the generic name for each medication, so a foreign pharmacist will know exactly what to fill out. This is important in the event you lose your medication, baggage, etc...

5. Get Airport Assistance

Don't be a hero! Airlines will gladly roll you from check-in all the way to your gate in a wheelchair, free of charge! In fact, if your 75 years or older, the TSA now offers relaxed screening benefits that allow you to sit and keep your shoes on during a security screening!

6. Book A Non-Stop Flight

Nobody likes a layover. But when you're 80 years old, volunteering for one only adds to the risk of nasty delays and missed connections. Why introduce any chance for missed meals, missed sleep, lost luggage, long walks and frantic confusion. Look for direct flights where available and eliminate the uncertainty.

7. Book An Aisle Seat

Thrombosis is a real risk for some. Getting an aisle seat will allow you to stretch out your legs and get up for more frequent walks to keep your circulation going.

8. Stay Hydrated

It may be inconvenient to run to the bathroom all the time, but staying hydrated is a must when travelling, especially to sun destinations. Keep bottled water with you and plan on drinking at least 3-5 bottles per day, depending on how hot it is.

9. Keep A List Of Emergency Contacts

Prepare a list of emergency contacts. Keep one for yourself and give the other to someone you're travelling with. The list should include names and numbers of family members, doctors, lawyers and your insurance company.

10. Make Copies Of Important Documents

Nothing spells disaster like losing your passport in a foreign country. Bring photocopies of your passport, birth certificate, drivers license and medical and travel insurance certificates.

11. Pack Light

You're 75, you're not backpacking across Europe. Pack light, there's nothing harder than lugging heavy baggage around - it causes strain and pain. You don't have to pack new clothes for everyday. Plan on doing a wash while on vacation.

12. Drop The Heels

Where comfortable shoes, without any heels. Chances are you'll be walking more than usual, this is not the time to try new shoes or heels. Blisters will ruin your day and heels are a serious risk for falls.

13. Bring Your Medical Alerts

If you use medical alerts to remind you when to take your pills, don't leave home without them. Just make sure you to adjust to any potential changes in time zones. Also if you have a medical alert system bring it with you. It will give you the added comfort of knowing that if you have an accident in your room, you'll be one press of a button away from getting help.

14. Don't Tip Off The Crooks

Social media is a great tool to share your joy with family and friends. However, letting the world know you're on vacation is also a great way of letting nefarious strangers, neighbors and landlords know you're out of town. If you still want to share your pics, do it in a private group, via text or email.


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