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Updated on January 7, 2012

Seychelles are paradise on the Earth

Seychelles are islands in Africa. They lies in the middle of the africa if we look north-south direction and on the east side in Indian ocean if we look east-west direction. There are many islands but most famous are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. I visited all of these mentioned ones and each of them has many interesting places. I was there only one week but anyway I manage to see most of the places on those islands beside that I got also married there. :)

Where are Seychelles?


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Photos of Seychelles

Seychelles - Anse Lazio on Praslin
Seychelles - Anse Lazio on Praslin | Source
Mahe | Source


Mahe is the biggest island on Seychelles and there is also international airport. So I guess every visitor of Seychelles will see at least airport on Mahe island. Mahe is most populated of all islands on Seychelles and there you can experience also everyday life of people that live there. Roads are not so very good except around capital Victoria but anyway enough good for driving. I rentacar and I have some problems with driving on left side (I used to drive on right in Europe) but it is ok that roads are not so crowded. On Mahe is many beaches despite more exotic looks on Praslin and La Digues. It is also important what time of the year you come there cause at some periods there will be no waves and at other will be more waves and swimming not so good.

Tea Factory on Mahe
Tea Factory on Mahe | Source

Tea Factory (Mahe)

If you didn't come to Seychelles just to lay on beaches then I suggest you to visit Tea factory on island Mahe. Tea factory is located about 4 km from Port Glaud and it is part of the Morne Seychellois National Park. The Sans Soucis road from Port Glaud over the mountains to Victoria is for sure one of the most scenic drives on Mahe and I really suggest to drive it. Tea production began in 1966 and it will be hard to miss tea bushes along the main road. The tea factory is open from 10.00 to 16.00 on weekdays. There you can buy some of the delicious, fragrant SeyTe (Seychelles tea) that is produced in different flavours - lemon, mint, orange, vanilla and cinnamon. In the nearness are Capucin Mission Ruins, Val Riche, Forestry Station and other. In Val Riche is a start of the scenic walk.

Waterfall on Mahe
Waterfall on Mahe | Source

Waterfall at Port Glaud

This is the best waterfall on the Mahe Island. It is located near Port Glaud. I suggest you to leave the car somewhere near the main road and then take a walk to the waterfall. It takes about 2 kilometers to there but it is interesting path. At first part of the way you are going along mangrove swamp.There you will see direction sign for Waterfall - Cascade 1700m. Then the path will go a little uphill but you will see the waterfall also from distance, so you will know where is the right direction. Last part of the path is like botanical garden with walk around all those palm trees and brook. Below the waterfall is a pool where you can refresh after walk. For nature lovers this waterfall is for sure must see location on Mahe (Seychelles).

Praslin - Anse Lazio
Praslin - Anse Lazio | Source


Praslin is the second biggest island on Seychelles. I got married there. :) Most famous attraction there is National Park Vallee de Mai that is really worth to see especially if you are nature and hiking lover. There are world famous coco de mer palm with nuts that looks like female. On Praslin you must visit also Anse Lazio beach. This beach is really perfect with beautiful colors when is sun shine. There are also many other beaches on the island and some resorts. I rentacar also on this island despite there is not much roads, mostly just one that goes around the island. On this island is also port where you can take a boat to La Digue.

La Digue - Grande Anse
La Digue - Grande Anse | Source

La Digue

La Digue is so small that there are no cars. People are using bicycle so it is ideal for perfect easy vacation. If I return some day to Seychelles I will stay on this island. There is world famous Source D'Argent beach with beautiful granite rocks and colorful fishes just a little from beach. Other nice beach is on the east side of the island named Grande Anse. When you come from the boat there is main town centre. It is just small but anyway place with more living that on Praslin where are mostly just resorts. There are also some interesting points to visit on island.

Question about Seychelles for you

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    • robDave profile image


      7 years ago from Slovenia

      I would go there strait away - especially now at exam-terms :P


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