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Sightseeing in Kenya: Best Places to See in Kenya

Updated on October 1, 2016
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Januaris is a tour and travel enthusiast. He runs an online travel platform that specializes in Africa tours, trips, vacations, and safaris.

Kenya is a land of stunning beauty. From wildlife-rich national parks and magnificent terrains to expansive freshwater lakes and spectacular beaches, the country boasts a huge number of natural attractions. It is home to a lot scenic places that overwhelm seasoned travelers and holidaymakers.

Wondering where exactly to take your sightseeing adventures in the country? Well, here are the top beautiful places for sightseeing in Kenya.

In brief, which are the best places to see in Kenya? Well, they include:

10. The Aberdares

9. Lamu

8. Samburu

7. Lake Naivasha

6. Amboseli

5. Mount Kenya

4. Lake Nakuru

3. Tsavo

2. Maasai Mara

1. The Coast

10. The Aberdares- One of the Top Places to See in Kenya

The Aberdares is one of the forest reserves located in the country's scenic highlands. There are lots of things you can explore when visiting this area, including breathtaking deep valleys, waterfalls & volcanic outcrops and enchanting moorlands.

This place is also a great one for seeing animals, watching birds and exploring rare species of plants.

waterfall in the aberdares
waterfall in the aberdares | Source

9. Lamu

Lamu is a beautiful island found in the Kenya's north coast. It consists of picturesque villages that are well known for their narrow streets.

There is a lot you can see in Lamu, including donkey riders and dhow sailors on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. When visiting the town, you will enjoy a relaxed and quiet atmosphere that will keep you delighted.

lamu | Source

8. Samburu

Located in the northern Kenya, Samburu is an arid area that boasts three national reserves: Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs. The wildlife-rich reserves are home to a variety of species of animals and birds.

When visiting Samburu, you will have a chance to see the big cats, elephants, zebras, giraffes and antelopes. You will also come across the area residents (Samburu people) who are quite interesting with their culture and traditions.

samburu | Source

7. Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha and surrounds offer a lot to nature lovers. The lake itself is a bird watching haven, and a home to big animals such as rhino, lion and leopard.

Some scenic places to see in Naivasha include: the Crescent Island, Mount Longonot, Hell’s Gate National Park and a geothermal strip.

lake naivasha
lake naivasha | Source

6. Amboseli

Amboseli is well known for its extensive grasslands and free-ranging game. Its spectacular scenery is boosted by the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

There is a lot you can see in Amboseli, including a beautiful sunset, roaming elephants, lush riverine forests and swampy areas. The game is varied: it consists of antelopes, lions, hippos and birds

amboseli | Source

I found this book quite helpful when I was planning to visit Kenya for sightseeing! It explains almost all beautiful places in the country. Check it out.

5. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, the Africa’s second highest mountain, consists of scenic zones of vegetation, bare rocks and glacier. From stunning plains at the foot to magnificent alpine zones at the peaks, the mountain offers a natural beauty to the visitors.

The area has a fair share of the country's animals, with most of them living at the Mount Kenya National Park.

mount kenya
mount kenya | Source

4. Lake Nakuru

If you are looking for a place to watch an unbelievable population of birds in Kenya, look no further than Lake Nakuru.

The lake is home to millions of flamingoes and other beautiful birds. Other things you can explore in this area include: amazing sightseeing sceneries and animals such as leopard, hyena, giraffe and hippo.

lake nakuru
lake nakuru | Source

3. Tsavo

With diverse landscapes and a wide range of animals, Tsavo is definitely a beautiful place worth visiting in the country. It offers a lot to the sightseeing enthusiasts, including undulating mountains & plains, magnificent river forests and expansive grasslands.

Tsavo has an incomparable variety of animals and birds. When visiting the area, you cannot miss the Big 5 and other popular carnivores & herbivores, rodents and monkeys.

buffalo in tsavo
buffalo in tsavo | Source

2. Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara is one of the top places to see in Kenya. It becomes more interesting between July and October when millions of wildebeests & zebras migrate from the Serengeti National park in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The great migration is usually breathtaking, especially at the Mara River which is filled with crocodiles and hippos. The national park has a notable population of other animals such as the Big 5, wild dogs, hyenas, antelopes and birds.

maasai mara
maasai mara | Source

1. The Coast- the Best Place to See in Kenya

Like other famous coastal regions in the world, the Kenyan coast has a myriad of scenic places great for all types of sightseeing enthusiasts. From palm fringed beaches and marine parks to historical structures and architectural buildings, the coast has an incredible number of beautiful things that can make your visit extremely fun.

The marine parks are home to all kinds of marine life, including dolphins, tropical fish, whale, sharks and turtles.

kenya coast
kenya coast | Source

In Conclusion…

With all these sights to see, the country provides adventurous settings for people looking for extraordinarily beautiful things to spice up their lives. There are more other places for sightseeing in Kenya, but you can save time and have a successful tour by first visiting these 10 places.

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