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Slovenia - Bled

Updated on October 15, 2011

Slovenian Pearl

Bled is one of the most visited places in Slovenia. All place there is really beautiful and worth to see any time of the year. I can confirm that because I was there many times in all seasons of the year. Of course it is best to be there on nice sunny day. If you don't like summer crowds then it is best to visit it in September or October where can you still enjoy in pleasant walk around lake Bled. If you want to swim then you have to come in summer otherwise water will be too cold for normal swimming. In winter if lake is frozen it is possible also to visit Bled Island by foot, but be very careful and don't do this if ice is not enough strong.

Lake Bled

Where is Bled?

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Bled, Slovenia
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Bled Map

Lake Bled
Lake Bled | Source

Lake Bled

Bled is famous by its Lake Bled and all beautiful scene around. Round trip around Lake Bled is around 6 kms long so you can walk it in about 1 hour. I suggest you to do that because walk is easy without ascents and you will see lake from all directions. In summer it is possible to swim in Lake Bled, except in winter it is possible to rent a boat and row free around lake, island, etc. You can join some tour with special Bled Pletna boat that goes regulary to Bled Island.

Bled Island
Bled Island | Source

Island on Lake Bled

Island on Lake Bled is the only Island in Slovenia because Slovenia doesn't have any island on Adriatic Sea coast. This island gives Lake Bled some special charm. You can visit the island by rented boats or by organized Pletna boats. In winter it is sometimes possible to walk to the island if the lake is freezed. But you have to be careful doing this! On the island you can visit the church with wishing bell. Nice view on the island is from Cafe Belvedere that is on the way from Velika Zaka to Mlino.

Bled Castle
Bled Castle | Source

Bled Castle

It is hard to miss the Bled Castle that is on the rocky wall just above Lake Bled. You can drive there with car or walk on the one of many paths from Lake Bled. From the castle is great view on Lake Bled and neighbourhood. There is also restaurant so you can eat or just drink something and enjoying with views around. You can visit wine cellar, castle printing works, chapel, nice museum, etc. For sure one of must see sights around Lake Bled.

Velika Zaka
Velika Zaka | Source

Velika Zaka

Velika Zaka is located quite oppositely of town Bled, so on the halfway if you are walking around Lake Bled. Just near Velika Zaka is Camping Bled. There is a very nice beach and good view of Island. You can swim to the Island too. In the bay Velika Zaka you can rent boats or use Pletna boat for organize trip to the Island.

Camping Bled
Camping Bled | Source

Camping near Velika Zaka

Bled has nice camping place quite near Lake Bled. It is located in Velika Zaka, quite opposite of the town Bled with hotels and not so far away of railway station. In the camp you can find many camping places. Not so long ago there were built also some special houses that you can rent and have a little more comfort. Just near the camp Bled are small market shop, restaurant and one of the best beaches (if not the best one) around Lake Bled.

Mala Zaka
Mala Zaka | Source

Mala Zaka

Mala Zaka is a place near Lake Bled. It is not far away from Velika Zaka and it is located below Railway Station. There is good beach with some piers for jumping in the lake and sunbathing. There is also rowing club, restaurant and bar. You will see also ducks there. Beach and neighbourhood was renovated not so long ago.

View from Osojnica and Ojstrica
View from Osojnica and Ojstrica | Source

Osojnica and Ojstrica Hill

Osojnica an Ojstrica are hills above Lake Bled. You have to go uphill but anyway path is not so difficult. On the top of both hills you are rewarded with wonderful view of Lake Bled and Karavanke mountains in the background. From there it is one of the best views of Lake Bled. In the autumn can be a lot of leaves on the path so you have to carefull to not break your ankle. Same you have to be carefull in wintertime, especially if snow falls.

Church of St Martin
Church of St Martin | Source

Church of St Martin

Church of St Martin is located below Bled Castle if you are looking from the town Bled. It is easy accessible from the path around Lake Bled. It was build in the year 1905 on the same place as previous gothic church from 15th century. Near the church is Parish house.

Cafe Belvedere
Cafe Belvedere | Source

Cafe Belvedere

Cafe Belvedere is located between Velika Zaka and Mlino on the east side of the Lake Bled. It is just near hotel Vila Bled. On the footpath around lake Bled you will see some sign near the lake where you have to go upstairs a little. In the Cafe Belveder you can sit on balcony and enjoy in views of Lake Bled with Bled Island. As you can see on photo some tables are also outside the building.

Castle Bathing Area
Castle Bathing Area | Source

Castle Bathing Area

Castle Bathing Area as its name says is located just below Bled Castle. It is one of the best beaches around Bled Lake. There are many places with shade. There are small pools for kids, small library with books, bar and small restaurant. You in front of the entrance into beach you can rent the boat. But I have to admit that this beach is not free.

Straza | Source


Straza is a hill near Lake Bled. There is ski slope in the winter and toboggan run in summer. You can walk uphill or use chair lift. At the top is wonderful view on Lake Bled and mountains around. At the top is also adventure park suitable for kids and adults.

Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge | Source

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is a beautiful gorge a few kilometers from Bled. It is about 2 kilometers long. Through the gorge is flowing river Radovna. Through the most attractive part of the gorge path goes on galleries. At the end of the gorge is nice waterfall and some refreshment room. If you parked on the parking place in front of the gorge then you should return back on the same way.

Bled  Castle Wine Cellar
Bled Castle Wine Cellar | Source

Bled Castle Wine Cellar

On the Bled Castle you can visit also wine cellar. You can taste different wines and you can also see demostration of how to bottle a wine in the old way. They invite you with quality and tasteful wines and with demonstration from the oak casks. There you can also get the certificate if you will fill up the bottle by yourself, plug it and wax. Beside wine cellar you can visit also other interesting things on Bled Castle and enjoy in beautiful view of Lake Bled.

Bled Castle - Museum
Bled Castle - Museum | Source

Bled Castle - Museum

Beside nice view and other interesting buildings worth to see at Bled Castle there is also museum. There you can see some equipment from old times and learn about history of Bled. The most famoust thing in the museum is peafowl paper clip from 6th century that was found on Pristava near Bled Castle. If you visit Bled then I suggest you to visit also Bled Castle with museum. If nothing else you will admire beautiful view on Lake Bled.

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    • carrentalinfo profile image

      carrentalinfo 7 years ago

      Bled is a great place and Blejska noc is even better:)

    • boris70 profile image

      boris70 7 years ago from Slovenia

      Bled is just such a great place to go and relax from everydays stress!

    • kraji profile image

      kraji 7 years ago from Slovenia

      Yes, that's "must do" for all us. :)

    • Perun profile image

      Perun 7 years ago from Ljubljana

      Every hubber from Slovenia must publish at least one hub about Bled (or maybe Postojna cave :P)