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Speak like a Parisian

Updated on July 15, 2017

Getting Started

Traveling abroad is not as hard as you think. Many people who work from home, or prepare the proper amount of paid time off from work, can make traveling outside of the United States a priority. It takes some careful planning, checking the best prices for flights, and always booking ahead to save money.

So lets assume you've done all that. You have your tickets, your bags are packed, and your passport is up to date. You are ready to arrive in Paris in style, but there is one little snag, you do not speak French!

So what is a everyday American Joe or Jane to do? Well there are a few things below to help you get started.

Translation Apps

If you have an Android or iPhone, you can easily find several translation Apps like the ones below to immediately turn your spoken English into either written or spoken French.

  • Google Translate (Available on Google Play or Apple App Store free)
  • iTranslate (Available on Google Play or Apple App Store free)
  • Sayhi (Available on Google Play or Apple App Store free)

There are also several online courses you can take for conversational French. Below are several ways to learn a foreign language fast. People traveling to Europe find these sites very useful and are entirely free.

Free Language Lessons

  • ElearningFrench
  • TheFrenchExperiment
  • BBC - Learn French with free online lessons

All of these sites are easily to find in a google search and easy to use in a web browser or using your Android or iPhone device.

Appreciating culture

The great thing about Europe, and France specifically, is that English is taught to students from an early age, so most Europeans are bilingual by default and happy to speak English if the occasion should call for it.

Make sure to also make an earnest effort to master a few basic phrases in the foreign language of your destination country. Most Europeans will be happy that you are at least making the effort to learn their language, and by default, learn their culture, manners, and way of life.

Traveling abroad is a great experience which can be life changing in a very positive way. Traveling abroad expands your horizons, enriches your life experiences, and makes you appreciate the uniqueness of all cultures.

Bonne chance!



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