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Stag and Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas

Updated on September 24, 2013

Once upon a time, a stag do or hen party used to be a few drinks down the local, maybe a stripper or a meal, a cheeky prank on the condemned bride or groom to be, then an early night before the big day. Now the party has gone international, with each pre nuptial party needing to be bigger and better than the last. It is becoming more popular to dress up and go wild abroad. Websites like Ibiza Stag & Hen can help you with the activities, while this guide can help you with the fancy dress inspiration.

Old Ladies

Great for stag nights but not so hot for the girls, dressing up the groom as an old lady in a grey wig, knitted cardigan, nylon dress and a pair of tan tights is hilarious for everyone. Getting the whole group involved makes for some incredible team photographs during the evening, celebrating the night in style. A visit to a charity shop can often provide all the costumes needed even if you are on a tight budget. Nothing says fun like Nora Batty!

Vicars and Nuns

Popular with Hen nights across the country and for those on holiday too, dressing up little black dresses with a wimple or a dog collar is fun – and can be sexy too. Alternatively, the more traditional full length robes can be a great way to have a laugh at the Stag’s expense – just be careful in Europe, where some countries are more Catholic than others!

Morph Suits & Onesies

Better in the winter months, a group of men or women all out in animal onesies or the skin tight lycra morph suits can be great team costume idea. They’re also remarkably comfortable, ideal for when the drink is flowing. Stags, be aware that some of your party might not look their best in lycra – but that’s all part of the fun too!

Retro Outfits

Whether it’s the 70s, 80s or even the 90s, picking a period in time and dressing outrageously to suit it makes the stag or hen group stand out everywhere. Dig out the flares or the eyeliner and have a laugh with it: that’s the whole point of fancy dress, after all. Or, alternatively, try imitating ‘chavs’ or ‘goths’ – hit the charity shops again and for chavs, you want to be wearing the worst tracksuit you can find, enough plastic gold jewellery to sink a ship and a large baseball cap on top. To play at ‘goth’ for the night, wearing all black with fake tattoos, eyeliner and black lipstick might raise a few smiles.


It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but tell your stag party or hen group that you’re dressing up Roman style for the night will have everyone merry and grabbing their sheets. Togas are easy to make – as long as you remember to use plenty of safety pins! Or for the women, medieval wench costumes in corsets and boots look great on a night out whilst attracting the right kind of attention.


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