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Staycation Ideas: Five Days of Fun!

Updated on December 27, 2019
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Sharon is a human resources manager with a passion for reading, research, hanging out in her own backyard.


Have you ever been on a "staycation". Instead of traveling why not just stay home? Does this sound boring to you? It doesn't have to be.

You don't have to literally stay at your house because a staycation is about exploring your local area. There are probably many attractions that you have not visited right in your own backyard.

You have likely not considered a series of local activities over a vacation period because of your preconceived idea of what a vacation should be. That idea usually involves travel in a plane, train or automobile to a far off place you have never been.

Staycation: The Stay at Home Vacation

Vacations cost money, lots of money. In order to get to your intended vacation destination you spend a lot of your valuable relaxation time traveling - driving or catching trains, planes or buses. Not a lot of fun.

And the packing! All that packing combined with the stress that you may have forgotten something, ugh! So why not take a vacation in your own neck of the woods? That's right, stay in your own backyard! Well not literally (unless you want to of course!) but figuratively.

Look at it this way, many people hop in those cars and book those trains, planes and buses to get to where you are, yes? no? or at least get to a place close to where you are. Maybe? Think about it - what is around you that might be fun and something that you have never done?

Staycations can save you loads of money not to mention the stress and aggravation of travel. So lets look at some ideas to make your staycation a total success.

Stuff to Do on Our Staycation

Five days of fun.......

Day 1 - Local attraction, where have we never gone?

Day 2 - Let's get outdoors - Conservation area or park.

Day 3 - Let's try something totally new.

Day 4 - Picking fresh produce at the farm.

Day 5 - Enjoy some luxury time


Staycation Day 1: Visit a Local Attraction

I live in the Greater Toronto Area and one major attraction there is the CN Tower, at one time the World's tallest Freestanding Structure, (now that's a mouthful). I'm not sure that it is anymore, but it certainly remains an attraction.

The CN Tower was built in 1972 and I visited in 2002! Yup, 30 years later. Granted I was a child when it was built but I have lived here all my life and I have friends who didn't live in this province or this country for that matter who had been to the top of the tower before me.

Over the years I got some strange looks when I said I had never been there. Oh yes, I saw it everyday, it was there alright, but I had never entered it until that day in 2002 when I finally took my own kids there.

Is there an attraction like this in your area or nearby? Somewhere you have always meant to go but never got around to it because you were so busy planning to go somewhere else? What is your CN Tower?


Staycation Day 2: Visit a Conservation Area

Plan a day at a conservation area, or park. Very inexpensive way to spend a day and lots to do. Plan a picnic, set up your stuff at a picnic table and enjoy what the area has to offer. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy nature.

Many conservation areas contain other interesting events to keep the kids engaged. For example, one favourite in our area is the Mountsberg Conservation Area just northwest of Toronto. It contains a Raptor centre, not the dinosaurs or the basketball team, but birds of prey.

This centre rescues hawks, owls, falcons, vultures, eagles and the like. These birds have been injured and the centre is equipped to nurse them back to health. The birds are on display in a natural setting in a wooded area and there is a show twice per day to educate the public on raptors and display their aerial feats!

Conservation areas often have hiking trails, picnic areas and children's playgrounds. Great day out for the family.

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Horseback riding
Horseback riding | Source

Staycation Day 3: Try Something New

Choose an activity that you have never done before. Maybe you have never gone ice skating, or camping, or rollerblading or Go Karts!

Whatever it is the sky is the limit. I remember the most fun I had on a weekend away was when we decided to try horsebacking riding. I had NEVER been on a horse. There was a farm in the area that offered guided trail rides. After a quick lesson in the corral off we went into the woods. I have to admit I was nervous and didn't realize horses were so high off the ground, yikes! It made for a day of great fun and laughter that we will never forget.

There are so many things out there, go beyond your comfort zone and surprise yourself. There must be something that you have always wanted to do but have never had the time for. Hey, go get that bucket list now!


Staycation Day 4: Pick Your Own Fresh Fruit (or Veggies)

A great day trip for your staycation is picking fruit fresh from the farm. Depending on when you take your staycation there should be some kind of produce in season for you to pick at a local farm.

Apples and strawberries are the most popular items to pick during the summer months but there is a wealth of fruit and vegetables available for picking. To find these farms anywhere in the world take a look at this website. It contains a wealth of information on locations, when the fruit is in season and when it is ready to pick. It also has great recipe ideas for your freshly picked fruit! Just click here.

A note of caution, be prepared for the weather when picking fruit or veggies. I know that hot sunny days and strawberry picking equals lots of sunscreen and a big sun hat or your day of fun may turn into a day of heat stroke! Bring your water, and rest when needed.


Staycation Day 5: Let's Wrap it Up With Luxury

Who doesn't love being pampered in a luxury hotel? I know, I know - the purpose of a staycation is to save some bucks but one night at luxury hotel can be fairly inexpensive. Often large luxury hotels offer specials for short stays particularly over the weekends. Who needs a long stay when you can experience all the hotel has to offer in one day.

Hotels are mainly a place to sleep while you go out and enjoy other activities right? Make the hotel your vacation, use all their facilities, the pool, sauna, games room, bar with happy hour and the hotel restaurants. Not to mention the room features, jacuzzi tub, room service, that little fridge with all the goodies in it! Indulge, just for one night.

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto is one of those downtown luxury hotels that provides all those amenities to spoil you. I stayed there with my hubby for just a night and it was a very relaxing experience, I certainly felt pampered and enjoyed the ambiance. A luxurious escape, even if only for one night, is wonderfully rejuvenating.

This escape doesn't have to be a couples thing either. My children love staying in hotels and especially enjoy the pool. Playing for hours on end in the pool area and then off to eat in the restaurant just down the hall keeps the kiddies occupied and happy. Top it off with an in suite movie and you've had a great day!

What is Your FavoriteThing To Do On a Staycation?

Family Staycation
Family Staycation | Source

What is Your Favourite Thing to Do on a Staycation?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Sharon Bellissimo


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