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storage hatch weatherstripping

Updated on May 8, 2012

Replacing Storage Hatch Weatherstripping.

The RV storage hatch has a foam weather stripping that gets hard and leaks after several years. Look for torn or smashed places in the weatherstripping that might cause problems, this is easy to replace and inexpensive. This type of weatherstrip is used on hatches in most RV's, boats and class c motor homes and can be found in hardware stores. To start, storage hatches have a frame inside the door where the gasket is attached, measure the frame for the depth and width for the right size of weather stripping.

To remove the old gasket use a putty knife underneath the weatherstrip and peel off as you go around the hatch. Try to get as much glue off with the putty knife, then take a rag with paint thinner to remove the adhesive residue from the frame. Use the putty knife under the rag for hard spots and rub until a shine on the painted frame appears. To fix bent places, two hammers can be used to flatted and spots in the frame and check to see that the frame makes a seal with the door closed.

Weatherstrip comes on a roll with sticky side down, peel the start tape off and attach the weatherstrip glue side down on the hatch frame, near the top center and work your way around to the start and trim the end as close as you can. Unroll the weatherstripping as you move along the frame, peeling the backing off as you go, this makes the weatherstrip bend around the corners of the frame. Leave the backing tape on for straight spots and peel the backing off for the corners. If the frame is clean the weatherstrip will stick, instantly and stay, go slow and pay attention to the corners. Check to see that the door seals and latches, and that's it.

I'm always fixing something on my motorhome if you have a question on how to fix something e-mail me at


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    • profile image

      odomirok2 4 years ago

      One year after replacement and the hatch still makes a tight seal.

    • odomirok2 profile image

      Tommy ODomirok 5 years ago from Antioch Tennessee

      Fall is a good time to replace the seal on your hatches before cold weather sets in.