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SURVIVOR & Locations - The Reality TV Show

Updated on February 23, 2011
Survivor Gabon - Earth's Last Eden
Survivor Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Survivor Themes, Tribal Council Music

Survivor - The Reality TV Show

Since 2000 with the first season of SURVIVOR in Borneo, the show has lasted many years with current season being the 17th, is set in GABON in Central Africa which is termed "Earth's Last Eden". The government hopes that this series will help in promoting tourism in Gabon. They have sunk in investment to build 100 Km of roads and bridges to accommodate the production of this series. This is definitely an upcoming tourist spot.

To Outwit, Outplay and Outlast is the name of the game. There will be tears, joys, pains, frustrations, deceptions, collaborations, great team work and alliance.... just to ensure that their strategies keep them to the end.

Pulau Tiga off Sabah, East Malaysia
Pulau Tiga off Sabah, East Malaysia

Survivor - Borneo

Season 1 (2000): Survivor, Borneo was the Inaugural Show, which was filmed in year 2000 on remote Pulau Tiga, a group of islands off Sabah, Borneo. Corporate Trainer, Richard Hatch was the first winner.

Survivor - Australian Outback

Survivor - Australia

Season 2 (2000): Survivor, The Australian Outback. Deemed the most dangerous location which is home to 8 out of 10 of the world's most poisonous snakes, deadly spiders and crocodiles. They were in a harsh desert environment. Tina Wesson, a registered nurse was the first female winner of this season.

Baby African elephant following a herd
Baby African elephant following a herd

Survivor - Africa

Season 3 (2001): Survivor, Africa was located in Kenya having to clear 20 sq.m. of Kenya's Shaba National Reserve to film this season of Survivor. This country was the backdrop of flims like Out of Africa, Born Free and To Walk With The Lions. Former United Soccer League Player, Ethan Zohn was the winner.

Marquesas - Strategies, Kite Making, Sharks, Mantle Rays

Survivor - Marquesas

Season 4 (2002): Survivor, Marquesas. Shot in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands in the French Polynesia. The location that was infested by sandflies. Being bitten by sandflies is no joke..... it is a terrible experience I can relate to. For the first time the 2 finalists were ladies. Vecepia Towery emerged the winner of this season.

Ko Tarutao in Thailand - Scuba Diving Trip, Under the Sea

Survivor - Thailand

Season 5 (2002): Survivor, Thailand was located on an island in the Adaman Sea called Ko Tarutao, off the coast of southern Thailand. The Ko Tarutao National Park is a group of 61 islands, beautiful beaches and marine life. This was the first time there were two male finalists, and used-car salesman Brian Heidik emerged the winner.

Survivor Thailand - Immunity Challenge, Man Vs Lady

Survivor - Amazon

Season 6 (2003): Survivor, Amazon was located in the jungles of the Amazon River region of Brazil. This was in a privately owned reserve called the "A Floresta da Vida" or "The Forest of Life". This was the first time participants were divided into two tribes, male and female. Jenna Morasca, student and swimsuit model was the winner.

All-Stars Survivor on Pearl Islands, Panama
All-Stars Survivor on Pearl Islands, Panama

Survivor - Pearl Islands (2003)

Season 7 (2003): Survivor, Pearl Islands which is off the coast of Panama. This was the only time players who were voted out, were allowed to return as part of the Outcast Tribe, and play the game. Office Assistant, Sandra Diaz-Twine was the winner.

Survivor All Stars - The First Meeting with 3 Tribes

Survivor - All-Stars

Season 8 (2004): Survivor All-Stars was staged again in the Pearl Islands. It looks like the producers were maximising on the show budget having to use the same location back to back. There were 18 contestants for this season, with 3 tribes of 6 each, taken from the past seasons. Adminstrative Assistant, Amber Brkich was the winner. The only time by viewers vote, Rupert Boneham was voted as their favorite contestant.

Volcanic activity, Tanna Vanuatu
Volcanic activity, Tanna Vanuatu

Survivor - Vanuatu

Season 9 (2004): Survivor, Vanuatu, Islands of Fire, a chain of volvanic islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Highway construction worker, Chris Daugherty became the sole survivor. Interestingly, he was the last male in the final seven contestants in this season.

Beautiful Palau Island, Philippine Sea
Beautiful Palau Island, Philippine Sea

Survivor - Palau

Season 10 (2005): Survivor, Palau, an island nation located in the Philippine Sea with unspoiled reefs and caves, which is a favorite diving spot among serious divers. EXILE ISLAND was the first time introduced in this season. Firefighter Tom Westman was the surviving champion.

Survivor World - Season 1 to 8

Survivor - Guatamela

Season 11 (2005): Survivor, Guatamela - The Mayan Empire was set in the Yaxha National Park. Known to be the oldest civilization dating back to 1,000 B.C. In this season, the immunity idol was introduced and concluded with sports radio host Danni Boatwright as winner.

Survivor World - Season 9 to 16

Survivor - Panama

Season 12 (2006): Survivor, Panama - The Exile Island was again located in Pearl Islands for the third time. The first time Exile Island was included throughout the show. Contestants were divided into 4 tribes, younger men, younger women, older men and older women. The season concluded with yoga instructor, Aras Baskauskas as the surviving winner.

Clear blue waters of Cook Islands
Clear blue waters of Cook Islands

Cook Islands. Behavior, Attitude, Strategies

Survivor - Cook Islands

Season 13 (2006): Survivor, Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with clear blue waters make this an ideal location for the newly weds. The group was initially divided into four tribes based on their ethnicity - African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics and Asians. The season was won by Management Consultant, Yul Kwon.

Survivor - Fiji

Season 14 (2007): Survivor, was staged in Fiji, in the South Pacific, with contestants who are either models or actors, except one. Finally, Advertising Executive, Earl Cole emerged triumphant.

Misty mountain scene in Jiangxi, China
Misty mountain scene in Jiangxi, China

Survivor China, Lies and Dating

Survivor - China

Season 15 (2007): Survivor China was set in Jiangxi located in the eastern side of China. With picturesque scenes, the beauty of misty mountains and fresh water lakes and rivers will enchant anyone, that it is difficult to leave this place. Flight attendant Todd Herzog triumphed over the rest to be winner of the season.

Survivor - Micronesia

Season 16 (2007): Survivor Micronesia was staged in Palau for the second time. In this season, 10 self-proclaimed super fans played against 10 most popular past contestants. Charity organizer, Parvati Shallow defeated the rest, winning the coveted prize of $1 million.

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  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Singapore

    Thank you Jill! Your info really helps me solve this puzzle. No wonder the sudden influx of traffic to my article.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    @jollytan -- There is a NY Times crossword puzzle clue in today's paper regarding the 2005 series.

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Singapore

    Just wondering why viewers are looking at 2005 series of Survivor? I am puzzled!

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Singapore

    Hi Klaus, I do agree with how you feel. I think all of them think that they must keep one person they hate the most to be the final 2. Then the Jury will get to vote. The one who is hated the least will have more votes to be finally crowned the survivor. If this goes on, I do not know how the viewership for Survivor will be affected. Actually, I do not care how they win, but looking for the positive things that each one does in trying to stay alive as long as they can. Anyway...I only watch Survivor when I happen to be near the screen.

  • profile image

    Klaus Gruse 

    9 years ago

    First I like to say I love (or loved) the show.But here are my comments, as if any one would care!!

    I don't understand why the women, when they have the majority don't stick together and vote off the men, who are usually stronger in the competitions?

    On the last survivor show, we absolutely don't understand why they voted for Sandra. During the challenges almost everyone gave their best and fought hard, even getting injured, just to play the game and stay in, and win immunity just not to be eliminated. What if they all just came into the challenge, and said oh I can't do that and give up, like Sandra did all the time. I think it was a slap in the face to the rest of the survivors to vote a person in, who contributed nothing. It would be a dull survivor show and not last long if they all played Sandras game. It is beyond me what they were thinking.

    If all the survivors hated Russel and Poverty some what, as to how they played the game, then why did they not vote them off right away, but kept them in the game, till the end?? Maybe there should be a rule, according to the survivors, no lying, cheating or fals promisses.

    My solution would be to have the person voted off from the loosing tribe by the winning tribe. That way you dont have to lye, cheat or form alliances, that are broken later on.

    Any way I doubt if this gets read by any one in charge, but I just had to comment on this. All our friends were really

    dissapointed in the vote, what a slap in the face, even to the viewers, and we don't know if we will watch the show again!! We can not sit and see an other ending like this.

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Singapore

    I thank each one who has VOTED in the POLL above. To date I have only 11 visitors who have done so. Please participate. With appreciation and thanks!

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Singapore

    Thank you for sharing. Keep sending your audition...maybe one day your perseverance will be rewarded and we get to see you on TV.

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Singapore

    Thank you for sharing. Keep sending your audition...maybe one day your perseverance will be rewarded and we get to see you on TV.

  • donotfear profile image

    Annette Thomas 

    10 years ago from Northeast Texas

    I've been a Survivor fan since 'Australian Outback'. I can't tell you how many audition tapes I sent in for the show. I was never called for Survivor, but was selected for another, new pilot in 2004. Unfortunately, the show was never released by the network (CBS). It's a great experience.

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Singapore

    Survivor - Additional Videos on Survivor Favorites - Beautiful scenes uploaded


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