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Updated on January 18, 2015

Teotihuacan is the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas

If you are going to be in Mexico City, you absolutely MUST schedule a day to go to Teotihuacan! It is not to be missed and you certainly won't regret the time and effort it takes to see it.

Take a tour bus from your hotel and enjoy your friendly tour guide's introduction to what you are about to see. Wear comfortable shoes, because you are going on a walking tour you'll definitely tell all of your friends about. Bring a camera!

You'll also want to be prepared to buy lunch and souvenirs like pottery, beautiful onyx and ceramic statuettes, and silver and turquoise jewelry.

Enjoy the pulque!

Awesome is the word for it!

If there is one thing I have seen with my own eyes and made by the hand of man that deserves the word "awesome", it is Teotihuacan.

The one time I was there, on a brilliantly clear Sunday afternoon in October a few years ago, I was walking along the Avenue of The Dead from the Pyramid of the Moon towards the Pyramid of the Sun and marveling that the Aztecs had walked there (and THEY FOUND Teotihuacan; no one knows for certain WHO built it!), when every major joint in my body began to TINGLE! It was a feeling I'd not had before, nor since.




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