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San Francisco Famous Haight District

Updated on April 19, 2013

The neighborhood still has its appeal, and many free spirits (and a few pickpockets) sing with their guitars at the corner of Haight Ashbury just as many musicians like The Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin did thirty years before, grasping on to the funky vibe that will never go away.

San Francisco residents may complain about the famous little street's beatnik community, but really, it's part of San Francisco's lively-hood.

For creative shopping, the Haight has everything; offering second-hand thrift stores for stylish threads, remarkable record stores, vintage and original t-shirts, funky shoes and book stores that include everything you've never dreamed of.

These ten stores are perfect for shopping spots for young, witty and unique holiday gifts that have a little Haight ST. charm.

Haight & Ashbury
Haight & Ashbury | Source

The Height-district extents north from the Oak Street, south to 17th Street and east From Divisadero Street to west Stanyan Street. A percentage of the Fillmore District restricted by lower Haight Street progressed into the "Lower Haight" largely due to redevelopment.

Slightly more upscale areas of the rapidly quantifying Haight-Ashbury essentially seceded, forming the "Upper Haight" and "Cole Valley" districts.

The Haight-Ashbury community is located close the center of San Francisco along Haight Street, it ends at Golden Gate Park. It is fairly easy to visit from downtown by taking either the 7 or the 71 Muni buses from on Market St.

The street names honor two of San Francisco’s Pioneers: Exchange banker Henry Haight and Munroe Ashbury, a participant of the Board of Supervisors San Francisco from 1864 to 1870.

Hennery Haight, Munroe Ashbury and Haight nephew had a hand in the preparation of the neighborhood, and, more importantly, near Golden Gate Park at its beginning. Used by locals the name "Upper Haight", is in variation to the Haight-Fillmore now called Lower Haight; the latter being lower in elevation and part of what was once the principal Japanese and African-American neighborhoods in San Francisco's early years.

Art in the lower Haight
Art in the lower Haight | Source

Haight district with such daytime electricity, there is also a thriving night life here. Perhaps only the Tenderloin or maybe the Castro has a better variety of dive bars.

From the Zum Zum to the historic Kezars’ to the Noc Noc to the extraordinary Mad Dog in the Fog is the Haight single gay bar. Live music also abounds here with Irish music at A Bodran, swing at Club Deluxe and funk at Milk.

The rise of the "hippie culture" in the 1960s called the summer of love; a moment that rocked Janis Joplin and the Great Full Dead still rock the ghosts of kids lost searching for their culture. It hosted some of San Francisco's most popular supernatural activity. Ghosts that lurk in Golden Gate Park, and even a few scary Haight encounters

Tulip Garden in Golden Gate Park
Tulip Garden in Golden Gate Park | Source

Golden Gate Park is a charming place to have a picnic, taking in a picturesque view of the magnificent gardens. In 1968 "Summer of Love" took place here, home to the original hippie flower power movement. .

Hike through Buena Vista Park itself, "a hilly forest" preserve that is one of San Francisco's oldest parks and anchors the eastern edge of the Haight. Climb the trails that lead to a vantage point at the top boasting a panoramic view of San Francisco Bay stretching from the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Downtown.

Don't miss a trip to Golden Gate Park anchoring the western end of the neighborhood where beginning at Stanyan Street an area referred to as Hippy Hill opens to the vast stretch of manicured grounds leading to the De Young Museum, Academy of Sciences, Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory of Flowers and finally to the sands of Ocean Beach.


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