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15 Things to Know Before Going to Hong Kong Disneyland

Updated on March 26, 2014

Me, my hubby, my son and my daughter visited the Hong Kong Disneyland before coming back to Qatar last August. We stay there for 5 days and 4 nights. We have a great time, but I wished someone with a toddler have told me about their experience in Hong Kong Disneyland. What?! Yes, it's not very easy to come to Hong Kong Disneyland during the month of August because of the too much crowd and hot temperatures ranging from 30 to 33 degC. I have no problem with my son because he is already 7 years old and he understands why he should follow the line, there's no more explanation, but for my 2-year-old daughter, it's very difficult. She doesn't want to stay longer falling in line. She became irritated because of hot weather. We only have our little rest when she took a nap.

Here are some of the travel tips / things you should know before going to Hong Kong Disneyland.

  1. If you plan to come there during school break and you want to stay in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, take your hotel reservation at least 2 months before.
  2. If you will stay in a Hotel outside the Disneyland Resort, Buy MTR Tourist Day Pass in any MTR station and you might get a special 10 - 20% discount for Hong Kong Disneyland ticket. We used the discount during our 3rd day in Hong Kong Disneyland because we already bought our 2 day ticket in advance.
  3. 2 years old and under are Free. But if you are planning to take your 2-year-old toddler, avoid school vacation and holidays unless the weather is good. August is very crowded from Monday to Sunday and the weather is from bad to worse.
  4. Mystic Manor might scare your little toddler. Avoid going inside.
  5. Do not miss "It's a Small World" especially if you have a little daughter. It's a place full of dolls around the world. They are moving and singing. That's our most favorite place in Disneyland.
  6. You can watch the parade at exactly 3:30PM and the fireworks start at 8:00PM.
  7. You can meet and take pictures with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy in Fantasy Land. Take a look this map.
  8. Travelling is very easy, you can save a lot if you use the train. To ensure that you will have your seat, go to the first station. Example if you came from Hong Kong Disneyland going to Sunny Bay, do not wait for the train in Sunny Bay going to Lai King or Central Station, instead go to the first station in Tung Chung, that's only 1 station away from Sunny Bay. No worries because if you have your tourist day pass, you are entitled for unlimited ride all day. If you wait in Sunny Bay, you will hardly find a seat because from Tung Chung alone, the seats are almost occupied. You can find the MTR Map here.
  9. When booking your hotel online, make sure you see the picture of the building or the tower not only the picture of the room because you might be surprised and disappointed upon seeing your hotel. Reading comments are also very helpful.
  10. Even if you have so many luggages, you can go directly from the Airport to Hong Kong Disneyland. You can deposit your things there and from there, you can go to your hotel after.
  11. Cameras are permitted. There are some point when you cannot use the flash but still you can take pictures.
  12. If you plan to stay there for hours, do not wear high heels. I swear you will hurt your feet.
  13. Foods are not very costly. The price is almost the same when you eat at TGIF, Apple Bees, Butcher and Chilis.
  14. MTR station in Hong Kong is operational from 6 in the morning till midnight. If your hotel is far from the airport, you can ask the receptionist in your hotel to call a taxi for you. You can find the taxi fare here.
  15. You can go by different airlines, but I really recommend Cathay Pacific. It's a very good Airline. Sometimes it's cheaper compared to Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines. You must reach the airport at least 2 hours before your flight.

Photo Gallery

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Hong Kong Disneyland is really a magical place! I guess, that's one of the happiest place on Earth. You'll find everyone enjoying their stay. It's also cute when you find little girls wearing a disney costume. Most of the people there are Chinese but you can also find Japanese, Filipino, Westerns, Europeans and Arabs.

Here are some of the cute Minnie Mouse Costume you might like. Actually, the next time we will go to Disneyland, maybe next time we will visit Paris, I am going to wear minnie mouse costume same with my little daughter.

Disney Minnie Mouse Classic - Size: 3T - 4T
Disney Minnie Mouse Classic - Size: 3T - 4T

It is made from polyester material. Minnie mouse ear headband is also included in this costume. You just need a black Mary Jane shoes and socks with lace.

Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Tween Costume, Red/White/Black, Large/10-12
Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Tween Costume, Red/White/Black, Large/10-12

This is great for teens. Available sizes are medium, large and extra large.

Disguise My First Disney Red Minnie Costume
Disguise My First Disney Red Minnie Costume

This is good for toddlers from 6 months to 18 months. You will surely receive lots of compliments for your little daughter.



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