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Things to do in Prague, Czech Republic

Updated on October 22, 2009
Charles Bridge at Night
Charles Bridge at Night

Prague, Czech Republic

Planning of having a relaxing holiday in Europe? Then visiting Prague is a must! Located right in the heart of Czech Republic and Europe, Prague is a scenic city filled with remarkable attractions and friendly people. Climate in Prague are wonderful during summers, not too hot and not too cold. This is the best time to walk around town and explore the city’s glorious past which dates back from the early incursion of the Holy Roman Empire. Winters on the other hand can be quite unforgiving; just like winters in Chicago or Zurich, ranging from 2˚C (36˚F) to -2˚C (28˚F). I’ve made a list of things you could do in Prague so here we go!

1. Ride a Two-wheeler in Prague, Czech Republic

What better way to sight-see and delve into the nooks and crannies of Prague than with the use of a bicycle? This is ideal if you’ll be spending a day or two in town. You may choose to get a bicycle from the many bike rental shops in the city center and expect to shell out at least 650CZK (€25) for a good 24 hours of joyriding. Be careful though, Czechs are infamous for being bad drivers. If you’re not familiar with the surrounding area, the Letna and Stromovka parks have car-free bike trails which overlook the city.

Reminder of Russian Culture in Prague
Reminder of Russian Culture in Prague

2. Get Lucky on Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

The 516-meter long and 10-meter wide Charles Bridge which crosses the Vltave River is one of Prague’s premier landmarks. There are a total of 75 statues and statuettes of saints which stand erect along both sides of the bridge, the oldest one belonging to St. John of Nepomuk. It has been said that St. John’s bronze figure will bring good luck to anyone who touches it. Best time to enjoy the bridge is in the mornings up till the early afternoon, when it is not congested with people. Who knows, with a little luck, you might catch a performance of some highly-skilled jazz musicians and artists over the bridge.

3. Splurge your Hard-earned Money in Prague, Czech Republic

Are you a fan of antiques such as Soviet military memorabilia? How about ceramic wares, glasses, and crystals? Thinking of souvenirs as a great giveaway for your friends? You name it, Prague has it! The Czech Republic experienced an economic boom after the 40-year reign of the communist regime ended in 1989 and after joining the European Union in 2004. Since then, numerous shopping malls, local enterprises, cafes, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment centers have popped-up around the famed Wenceslas square to attract tourism and development.

Best thing to do in Prague
Best thing to do in Prague

4. Search for the Best and Most Affordable Beer in Prague, Czech Republic

This could be the most difficult yet greatest experience a beer drinker could have in Prague! There are at least 800 pubs around Prague, and some of them have been serving the finest beers for centuries. A half liter mug of beer can cost you 21CZK (€0.82), not bad when a price of bottled water is higher. No wonder people here are so pleasant and laid-back! Tip: The farther you are, away from Prague’s city center, the cheaper the beer is.

Toy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic
Toy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

5. Take your Kids to theToy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

Don’t have kids? Then bring out the child in you! 2 floors of fun-filled excitement awaits you (or your kids) on the world’s second largest toy museum (largest is in Missouri, USA.) Get to know what children in the past from all over the world used as toys. From ancient Greek toys, traditional Czech toy-cars, up to the most recent Barbie dolls; visiting the toy museum will make you feel like a kid on a snowy December morning again! Entrance fee for adults is 60CZK (€2.33), children below 15 are free.


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