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13 Tips for Booking Cheapest Air Ticket in 2013

Updated on June 18, 2013

Tips for Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

As Cheap as it Gets
As Cheap as it Gets
Secrets to Buy those Cheap Flight Ticket
Secrets to Buy those Cheap Flight Ticket

13 Insider Tips to Buy Cheap Airline Ticket

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail ~ Benjamin Franklin

How much in advance should I book my air ticket to get the best price? This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions and also the one question whose concrete answer is almost impossible to find. But just like stock market predictions, a little watchfulness, preparation and knowledge could really help you get the cheapest air ticket price the next time you decide to travel.

Here's 13 Tips to help you buy the cheap if not cheapest air ticket.

  1. Cheapest Flight ticket are available from 6 to 24 weeks prior to journey.
  2. Cheapest Air Ticket for domestic flights are available 3-7 weeks in advance.
  3. Cheapest air fare for international flights is available 70-80 day in advance to flight departure.
  4. According to studies by FCm, an average of up to 72 per cent on the cost of tickets could bee made by companies by booking air tickets 21 days or more in advance of the departure date.
  5. Expedia’s data for domestic standalone flights in 2011 indicates that it is best to buy airfare 22 days prior to the intended departure date.
  6. For busy travel periods like holidays and major events, booking should well be made 14 weeks in advance for domestic flights.
  7. Sign up for air fare alerts which are available on practically every travel site offering cheap air ticket bookings.
  8. If you know an event is happening a few months or weeks ahead, it's wiser to book as early as possible.
  9. It is often claimed that Tuesday is the day you are most likely to get the cheapest air ticket rate. It's just a legend but then do give it a try.
  10. Flying different airline for return journey is more likely to cost you less as most airlines sell one way ticket at more attractive (read lower) price.
  11. Loyalty does pay. Become a frequent flyer not necessarily of 1 particular airways.
  12. Use different search engines and compare prices before you book to get cheaper air fare.
  13. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute.


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