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Top Five Sites at the Silos and Smokestacks NHA and more

Updated on September 17, 2014

People's Choice Sites for Site of the Year

This article focuses on individual sites that make up the Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area (NHA). As I create this lens, the NHA was seeking votes from its Friends/Fans for the 2012 Site of the Year. The 5 sites under consideration are featured here.

When you go to the NHA website, enjoy seeing some of the outstanding sites that you may want to visit in the 37 counties of Northeast Iowa.

Photo image of Morningside Nature Center at the Living History Farms in the NW corner of metro Des Moines, Iowa, courtesy of Widimedia Commons.

Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area

Take a look at all the sites in the NE portion of the State of Iowa to choose from... ;-)

University of Iowa Museum of Natural History - A Site of the Silos & Smokestacks National Heritae Area

Museum educational programs include workshops, lectures, movies, and field trips on natural and environmental topics throughout the year.

All galleries in the Museum are open to the public during regular Museum hours without prior arrangement. If you have a large group (more than 10) or would like a guided tour of Iowa Hall please schedule a tour before your visit. The Museum requests that you call to schedule your tour at least a week before the desired date.

University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
University of Iowa Museum of Natural History

University of Iowa Museum of Natural History


Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch
Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch

Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch

A Site of the Silos and Smokestacks NHA

Buffalo have inhabited North America for 100,000 years or more. Pre-historic ancestors were much larger than their present day cousins. At the Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch store we have on display, a buffalo skull estimated to be 25,000 years old. This skull is three times the size of present day buffalo.

Buffalo or Bison? Which is correct? Actually, they are the same. Bison is the scientific name and buffalo is the common name. Spanish explorers of the early 1500's were the first white persons to see these shaggy creatures, which they thought were wild cows. But, it was the early French that named them "le boeuf". English speaking frontiersmen twisted and shortened the name to "buffalo".

JMM Arts Museum and Farm
JMM Arts Museum and Farm

Jenison Meacham Memorial Art Museum & Farm


Amana Heritage Society Museum - This Site is part of the Silos and Smokestack NHA

The Amana Heritage Museum is comprised of three 19th Century buildings, set in spacious grounds. The Noé House, built in 1864, was originally a communal kitchen and later a doctor's residence. Exhibits in the Noé House trace the history and development of Amana, depict a church interior, and display the varied crafts and industries of the Inspirationists. Temporary exhibits and special programs focus on particular aspects of Amana's culture.

The Schoolhouse was built in 1870. It contains the Christmas Room, a Kinderschule, toys, dolls, handwork, carpet weaving, and a communal Amana school display. An audio visual presentation on Amana's history is shown regularly in the Schoolhouse auditorium .

Amana Heritage Society Museum
Amana Heritage Society Museum

Amana Heritage Society Museum


Riegel Blacksmith Shop
Riegel Blacksmith Shop

Riegel Blacksmith Shop


Poll Module - Choose your Favorite Site

These are the five sites featured in the 2012 People's Choice Site of the Year Competition. You can vote right now, for your choice.

Which Site is your first choice?

See results

Your Comments are Appreciated! ;-)

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      3 years ago

      Comment's author: phmtreiea03/29/07 05:15:00 PM首先如果想要認真討論這個問題的話請先定義 現代人類面對的環境 誠然有不少現代人還生活在非洲大草原 但是顯然他們並沒有面對到肥胖心臟病高血壓糖尿病痛風等等的問題對於他們而言 努力堆積脂肪蛋白質等等慾望本能既沒有失效 同時也是確實發揮演化上預期的作用 對於我們這些生活在都市叢林的人而言 這些慾望依然存在 也沒有改變 哪裡有 失效 只不過環境變了 導致過猶不及的反效果 我承認我一個人活在肯亞草原肯定完蛋 但是幾百萬年來 也從來沒有哪種人/類人猿是 單獨 活在野外的 依賴群體與文化教育 本來就是人類的演化之道如果把我丟在部落裡 我想我應該學得會生活 但是反過來說 難道現代人沒有受到演化的驅力嗎我想未必 其實水泥叢林裡也不好混呀而水泥叢林的生存條件確實與以往不同所以我們才能活下來佔據不錯的位置可是偏偏我們這種卻不是性擇中佔優勢的所以才會出現這麼多高學歷高收入 但是在生物最重要的生殖卻吃鱉的宅男這種矛盾的產物如果我google一下 就會有美女送到我面前 我可能比較高興點 .

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      政府公文 大致得三種做法 一係 subject ofifcer自撰 二係交屬下AO/EO 代筆 三係搵OLO (法定語文主任) 幫手 前兩者 多數都只係 識字 夠寫 report 酬酢文章或稍需文采嘅時候就只有隨心而行 想寫乜就寫乜 有時就算搵OLO 睇/改過 最後都係班end-users 話事 如果主事者行年未過五十 啲中文恐怕都只係有限公司 駢四驪六之類識睇已經算好 唔好講話識寫 啲subject ofifcers/AO/EO 唔掂 搵OLO 會唔會好啲呢 以前呢班人叫CLO (中文主任) 中文咪應該叻好多囉 理論上係 但實際上唔少做到高級嘅老前輩 譯啲又臭又長嘅 technical+statutory texts 二三十年 一早已經 近墨者黑 年輕啲嘅 古文知識一樣係有限公司 - 重英興中係教育制度死症 你入到各間大學嘅翻譯系睇下啲人中文定英文叻啲 平日睇 Jane Austen 多定李杜高岑多 已經知呢個職系會點 (都未計非語文科目啲畢業生) Subject ofifcers/AO/EO 唔掂 幫手頂嘅 OLO 都係五十步笑百步 政府啲中文公文唔死火就有鬼


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