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Torres del Paine Refugios

Updated on September 11, 2014

In Chile, a refugio is a sort of wilderness lodge for trekkers. They usually come with a restaurant and multi-occupancy bedrooms with bunk beds. Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia has about seven of them.

Refugio Grey

Run by Vertice Patagonia

A quieter alternative to Paine Grande Mountain Lodge, Refugio Grey is set in woodland beside Grey Lake, down river from the massive Grey Glacier.

Refugio Grey is on the W Trek and the Circuit Trek, 11 km from Paine Grande Mountain Lodge and 4km from Camp Los Guardas.


Bed US$27, Breakfast US$9, Lunch Box US$13, Full board US$61, Sleeping bag hire US$8

(For 2009/2010 season)

Paine Grande Mountain Lodge

Vertice Patagonia

Paine Grande Mountain Lodge is on the W Trek and The Circuit, 11km from Refugio Grey, about 8km from Camp Italiano, and about 14km from the Administration Center.


Bed only from US$39

Full board from US$73

(Rates do not include sheets, duvets or sleeping bags)

Refugio Los Cuernos


This is a large refugio with excellent facilities including a restaurant, a shop and a hot tub. There are also separate lodges in addition to multi-bed rooms.

Refugio Los Cuernos is on the W Trek and the Full Circuit Trek, 9km from the French Valley, 11km from Refugios Torres Central and Torres Norte.


Bed only from $40

Full board from $82

(Rates do not include sheets, duvet or sleeping bag)

Los Cuernos Lodges

$145 per cabin per night

Full Board - 2 people - $221 per cabin per night

Full Board - 1 person - $180 per night

Refugios Torre Central and Norte


Two refugios with restaurants, bars and lounge rooms on the W Trek and the Full Circuit Trek.

They are 2.5mk from Refugio El Chileno and 11km from Refugio Los Cuernos.


Refugio Torres Central

Bed from US$44

Bed with sheets US$51

Full board from US$86 including sheets

Refugio Torres Norte

Bed from US$40

Bed with sheets US$47

Full board from US$82 including sheets

Refugio El Chileno


This is the last refugio before the Towers and therefore the last place to sleep if you don't want to camp. It's a peaceful place set deep in the Valle Ascencio.


Bed only from US$40

Full board from US$82

(Rates do not include sheets, duvet or sleeping bag)

Refugio Dickson

Vertice Patagonia

A tranquil setting and a fantastic view make Refugio Dickson worth the two-day pampas hike to get there.

It's on the Circuit Trek only, 9km from Camp Los Perros.


Bed US$27; breakfast US$9; Lunch Box US$13; Full board US$61; Sleeping bag hire US$8


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