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Himachal: The Land of Gods

Updated on May 3, 2016

Tourism in Himachal Pradesh (India)

Himachal Pradesh: An Ideal Holiday Destination

Himachal, a northern Indian state in the Himalayas is famous for scenic mountain towns, trekking, climbing and skiing activities. Also known as dev bhoomi,is a heaven on earth,it is full of mystic beauty and mysterious history. It has been a base of various Hindu mythologies. Being a hilly area it offers numerous activities for visitors. Every place in the state has its own beauty and charm. The foggy mountains, cold mornings and the warmth among the local people, makes this place a worth visiting destination. You have to be here to experience true ecstasy and colors of nature.

Major Tourist Attractions

Kullu and Manali: Kullu and Manali are the most popular destination in Himachal Pradesh. The place boasts of the natural beauty and has majestic views. The best and the most beautiful place of himachal,its full of scenic beauty and wonderful history,some places of the district remain un-explored till date such as temples like bijli mahadev. The snow- clad mountains and the beautiful rivers flowing through the roads just have a mystic beauty. Visitors often fall in love with this place. Other places worth visiting in Kullu and manali are kasol, naggar and manikaran. Kasol and naggar are famous for the natural beauty and apple orchids whereas manikaran is famous for the natural hot water springs found there.

Rohtang pass and Solang Nala attract the most number of tourists. Solang Nala is famous for activities like paragliding and horse riding and rohtang pass is at the highest altitude and people coming from the plains feels amazed on visiting it.

Mandi: It falls on the way to kullu and manali, though a small place, it is famous for beautiful tourist spots like prashar lake and rewalsar. Mandi is a small town, with 150 temples, it is also called as choti kashi. It is God's own home and thousands of people from all across the state come to pay homage to the dieties at mandi.

Shimla: Known as the queen of hills.Long ago explored by Britishers, Shimla is the most beautiful place,having British impact. Mall, the ridge, vice Roy lodge, potters hill and chadwick fall are the major attractions of shimla. Places adjoining Shimla are equally gifted with natural beauty. Kufri, Naldera and Chail are the most loved and most famous tourist spots. Thousands of people come here every year to rejuvenate themselves.

Kinnaur: One can reach there through narrow and adventurous roads,there are apple orchids,the culture of the place is very rich. Buddha temples are just mind-blowing and the kinnauri people who are always found wearing there traditional dresses add to the grace.One really needs to have a strong heart to visit it. The chill and the high mountains are the biggest attractions. Places like Sangla, Chitkul, Pooh are simply amazing and have a stupendous natural beauty..

Lahaul & Spiti: There are beautiful monasteries,the place is famous for the rich Buddhist impact and culture. The areas are so hard that it is difficult to survive there in winters when the temperature drops down to -30 degrees. The roads are opened only for the span of 4months (july-october) in an year.


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      John 19 months ago

      India is a beautiful place, thanks for the hub, I will research more and find the roads to the places

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      SBHK 6 years ago from India

      thnx all

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      vinni 7 years ago

      nyc article thumbs up

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      ani 7 years ago

      i love himachal

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      nish 8 years ago

      thanks,,,the information seems to b very beneficial

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      nish 8 years ago

      thanks,,,the information seems to b very beneficial