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Travel to an Ancient Eastern City - Mardin

Updated on August 28, 2018

An unplanned journey

My husband and I like to travel but we usually plan our journey months ahead, We select the travel agency, read about the places we will travel. But sometimes spontaneous decisions are good.

One of my dearest friend wanted to celebrate her 45th birthday in a different place. She selected Mardin. A very old city in the southwest of Turkey and invited us just 2 days before the trip. " why not?"

We didn't know much about Mardin, didn't know where we would be staying, where we would be visiting. We just bought our tikets.

Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best ones.

I took this picture near Mardin, an ancient settlement called Hasankeyf. I would like to write about this beautiful journey and about this gorgeous city.

MARDIN - a very old Mesopotamian city

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An ancient city

The city is in the Mesopotamian plains, build more than 2000 years ago, many civilizations passed from this ancient land. All left their traces. People from many different cultures and religions live in Mardin. Christians , Muslims, Yezidis, Assyrians all live in that region. there are many monasteries like Deyrulzereran Monastery, an Islamic school called Zinciriye Medresesi and many other ancient buildings.

The city walls and the castle are also very good preserved and there are many ancient stone houses.

We stayed in a historical inn where Prince Charles stayed

In Mardin the buildings are very old. We stayed in an inn that was built 800 years ago. It was built during Artuklu reign and is called the Artuklu Inn. All rooms have modern comforts like TV, bath, air condition but it has a medieval air and you can feel it. Prince Charles also stayed in this Hotel when he visited Mardin.

Artuklu Inn -Mardin

10 thinks to do in Mardin

Visit Deyrulzafaran Monastery : Deyrulzafaran Monastery,is also known as Mor Hananyo Monastery, was built in 493. It is the oldest still working monastery in the world.

Visit Zinciriye Madrasa : A very historical Islamic School now is a museum.

Visit Mardin Museum : You will travel back in time

Stay in an historical stone made Inn like Artuklu Inn.

Eat local meze and meat in an historical restaurant Like Murat Cergis -Price Charles was there also-

Visit Mardin Bazaar : Mardin is famoust for its soap and silver hand made jewellery

Drink Melengic Coffee

Back streets and tunnels are interesting for history lovers -Mardin is a safe city, you wander freely-

Go to Dara (Old Roman Town)

Visit Hasankeyf - a near by historical city-

Mardin in Google Map


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