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Monsoon and Nature: Tropical Rains in South India

Updated on September 23, 2019
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The author hails from South Indian village, situated in the South-West coastal region. He is into farm science and agriculture.

A cloudy fearsome landscape

A cloudy fearsome landscape from Kerala, India
A cloudy fearsome landscape from Kerala, India

Enjoy the tropics

Tropical Indian village has completely enjoyable environment irrespective of the seasons, round the year. Have you ever enjoyed rains in villages? You may go through this nostalgic piece of article.

Beautiful surroundings

The nature walk is enjoyable, be it is riverside beachside countryside or hillside. Every place has a beautiful natural environment. You can walk around freely, breath fresh air and enjoy the greenery of nature. If you love the rains, the rainy season is the best one to enjoy.
If it is raining throughout the day, sitting inside the house will be boring. Wearing a raincoat or carrying an umbrella and having plastic footwear can help you to move around. In this season you will not get thirsty or get sweat. you will get hot, if the rain stops and if you stay in the open under the sun. Early morning and evening are beautiful to watch with high humidity giving a serene misty appearance.
The dense clouds come such low heights that they appear touching the mountains and the mountains look as if they are emanating smoke from it. It cannot be described by words but can only be seen with naked eyes. Sometimes climate doesn't allow to take your camera out. A high amount of moisture may spoil the camera lens and electronic circuits. So just enjoy it in the in-person and get nostalgic for the rest of your life.
Sleeping by hearing to the music of the rain is really cool. You don't feel waking up early in the morning as it will be cool and dark. Lullaby of the music of rain makes people of every age - a child of nature, loving to be sleeping. Housewives have great value, supplying hot coffee of household cows milk, warm clothes crunchy eatable snacks, homemade items, and stored food in the attic for the rainy season. Jackfruit preparations, rice preparations, come out of the pots and get fried fresh with an aroma not leaving home, due to the pouring rain barricade outside.

Glimpses of the rainy environment

Blossoms of Lagestromea alba tree
Blossoms of Lagestromea alba tree
Fully brimming dam with water for the entire year
Fully brimming dam with water for the entire year
Flooding river clicked from the Mogral road bridge
Flooding river clicked from the Mogral road bridge
Submergence by the riverbanks
Submergence by the riverbanks

Word of caution

Heavy rains cause submergence, inundation, loss of crops and life. It also causes landslides in certain hillslopes. Heavy rain also makes slush and slippery paths due to slimes and also decaying matter. Sitting below the trees may cause allergy to some people. Sometimes high humidity in the atmosphere may cause some cold and cough, subsequent discomfort, etc. If you are prepared with some remedies, equipped with protective items, then it is nothing to worry.

Rejuvenating life in rural villages

Cloudy early morning in village town
Cloudy early morning in village town
Farmers grow paddy in puddled fields
Farmers grow paddy in puddled fields
Yams sprout and grow as creepers during rains
Yams sprout and grow as creepers during rains
Paths have flowing spring water
Paths have flowing spring water

Rural lifestyle is busy always

Lots of cascading water sources arise in the hill slopes, gardens, etc. Paddy fields have overflowing wells and open canals also flow with plenty of water. Even new tiny fishes start swimming around. Children have new ponds now and shallow wells welcome them to enjoy and become seasonal swimmers.

A lot of insects start their breeding season. There will be a lot of noise by the birds, caterpillars, frogs, etc. in the morning and night. The sea is roaring at a distance with wind and seawater hitting the seashore. So it is, in fact, the noisiest season with a lot of jazz music of nature from different directions.
Farmers will be busy transplanting, weeding, cutting excess of leaves from trees to protect them from breaking due to the heaviness of water dripping on them.
It is a rejuvenating season for the farmers and the rural dwellers. They also feel praying the God and have extended prayer hours in front of the little lamps or candles, memorizing olden day epics and stanzas, which they learned in their childhood, singing aloud to the music of the rain.

Dynamic rainy season


So this is time for everyone in the urban areas and the desert lands to pay a visit to their friends and relatives living in the rural villages. Share some of your city gifts with them spend a day or a week, be one among them, heart and soul. Enjoy the tropical rains. It will be a memorable mind-blowing stay forever.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Halemane Muralikrishna


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