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trucking from a truckers viewpoint

Updated on February 4, 2015

Hello I am a trucker. My handle is Road Hog. I want to relay an adventure I had some years ago. I was snowed in in South Dakota. I and my partner were about a mile from the tck stop which was full and closed to anymore people. We were listening to the CB because we didn't have anything else to do. We had run out of food so we were just listening. The snowmobiles were busy in the town. Seems anyone that had one was busy hauling people to the hospital that needed it.

We heard this voice of someone called the South Dakota Outlaw. He was in a wheelchair and seemed to be in charge of making sure everyone was being taken care of. He was worried about us but couldn't find a way to get us any help. There was a lady named Datsun Gal come on the line. Her husband was a trucker and her little girl was very worried about us. She told her mother that she hoped if her daddy was snowed in someone would do something for him if he was hungry. Come to find out that the Datsun Gal and her daughter lived just a short ways away and the daughter wanted to bring us food. It would have to be walked up to us but she needed an adult to walk with her and her mother was busy trying to help South Dakota Outlaw.

Well about an hour later we got a yell from the Datsun Gal that her daughter and the neighbor were going to be bringing us some food. We waited and when they got there we were so glad to see them. Seemed that the neighbor was a trucker and he and the neighbors daughter were more than glad to help us. We had hot tomato soup and coffee, crackers and sandwiches. s and even desert. We ate till we were full and then tried to pay them for helping us out. That was not the thing to do as both the young lady and her neighbor said it was on the house that some day we could pay it forward.

It warmed the heart of this old trucker to know that even a young lady would think to help us I don't know whatever happened to those lovely people but I know my wife when I got home and I told her she just couldn't believe it. Thank you for your compassion young lady and a fellow trucker.


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