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An Unusual Town Name in Austria, F*cking

Updated on November 17, 2015
Fucking, Austria
Fucking, Austria
"Bitte  nicht so schnell!" means "Please  not so fast!"
"Bitte nicht so schnell!" means "Please not so fast!"

I can't put the name of this special town in the title or url of this hub since Hubpages has prohibited such word from showing up in both of these spaces. Thus, I have to use an asterisk instead to replace the 'u'.

Pronounced as "fooking", Fucking is a small village in Austria which was named after the man who founded it back in the 6th century, his name is Focko. This little village is just 2.5 miles or about 4 kilometers east of the German border. It has a very tiny population of only 104 people and 32 houses.

The most notorious thing about this place is none other than the name itself and the signboards that show the name of this town are favorite tourist stop spots, where outsiders will stop by and have pictures taken with them. This place has a total of four traffic signboards.

Fun Fact about Fucking, Austria

Nice View of Fucking Town
Nice View of Fucking Town

Now the most common and only crime that happened in this little hamlet was none other than having the road signs being stolen. Outsiders loved to have these signboards as souvenirs and which at one time, they had all the four signboards stolen in just one night.

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to this place.

A town called Fucking, in Austria

A markerFucking, Austria -
Fucking, 5121 Fucking, Austria
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This is the town with the nasty name.


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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Actually they already know that and they don't understand why outsiders particular the Brit like to make fun of it.

  • Mercredi profile image

    Mercredi 7 years ago

    Wow. That is a prett yunusual name. Should somebody call them and tell them about it? Maybe they don't know and are unaware of the translation.