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Vacation - Norfolk Island

Updated on December 3, 2009

Vacation Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island is a part of the Australian external territories and is located between Australia and New Zealand.

The Norfolk Island pine tree is a native plant of the Island and also it's symbol.

Norfolk Island was a penal colony twice, at first just as a place to house convicts, then later as a location for harder criminals, thus becoming quite repressive.

Today the Island is a tourists paradise. The cleanest water you will ever see, and time travels so slowly that the cows have right of way on the roads!

Norfolk Island has it's own government but under Australian control.

Norfolk Islanders do not pay Australian income tax.

Panoramic view of Norfolk Island beaches.
Panoramic view of Norfolk Island beaches.

Colleen McCullough the well known Australian novelist who wrote "The Thorn Birds"  "Morgan's Run" and "Masters of Rome" lives on Norfolk Island and loves it.

There is a Polynesian style to the food and people of Norfolk Island, the people being mainly British, Tahitian or a combination of both.

Helen Reddy lived on the Island for some time, but was denied long term residence.

There are only 1,853 people live on the Island, most of them are Christians.

Old Cottage on Norfolk Island

Old homestead and well on Norfolk Island
Old homestead and well on Norfolk Island

Tourism is the main income for Norfolk Island. The languages spoken are English and the local language which is a mixture of olde world seafarer English and Tahitian.

The Island has just a few (50) miles of road, no rail or waterway transport and is very peaceful and quiet apart from the sound of the sea. The Island in places looks like a time warp!

Golf lovers well catered for on Norfolk Island
Golf lovers well catered for on Norfolk Island

No McDonald or KFC outlets here! Fast food is fresh fish and local vegetables from the rich soil.

Outside deliveries are by boat, unloaded 5 tonne at a time from one of the two sheltered loading areas, one for each prevailing wind to ensure the small boats can remain still while loading the goods from the larger boat or small ship.

The maneuvering is quite skilled and attracts a small crowd of onlookers.

As you would expect the mood is friendly, people wave to each other, so you need to relax and just lay back.

Smile, you have little else you need to do today! The idea here is to take it nice and easy like the locals do, and see if you can get yourself as relaxed and happy as they are!

Sight seeing, golf, fishing or just laying back, you can't beat Norfolk Island.

An old building on Norfolk Island, steeped in history.
An old building on Norfolk Island, steeped in history.

The convict built Georgian buildings are used daily still, and the people enjoy their way of life without traffic lights.

Leave the keys in the car here, almost no crime on the Island, although there were two murders there a while back which shocked not only Norfolk Islanders but all of Australia.

It is highly unlikely to happen again for another hundred years or so in my opinion... this place is safe by comparison to anywhere I can think of.


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    • VacationAustralia profile image

      VacationAustralia 7 years ago from Australia

      oliversmum , it is indeed a pleasure to see you comment on our Hubs and we sure do appreciate your visit.

      A vacation Norfolk Island would indeed be perfect! as you say, peace, quiet, beautiful beaches, nature walks are a particular favorite of mine, how about you ?

      What more could anyone ask for?

    • oliversmum profile image

      oliversmum 7 years ago from australia

      Vacation Australia. Hi There. After reading this hub on Norfolk Island. It sounds like the perfect place to go for our next holiday.

      Peace, quiet,beautiful beaches, nature walks, just pure relaxation and pampering, sounds perfect to me.

      Thank you for all this great information.

      All these beautiful photo's make you feel like you are already there. Thanks again guys. :) :)