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Skiing In The Desert: Fun Things To Do In Dubai And Beyond

Updated on May 29, 2011

Tropical Vacation -- Don't Forget Your Snowboard!

When thinking of Hawaii, one of the last things that probably comes to mind is going snowboarding or skiing there (unless said skis are on the water). Same foes for Australia's dry, arid Outback, which hardly seems like the idea place for a boat race. But when it comes to sports, determined folks will find a way to do anything, anywhere -- much like that famed Jamaica bobsled team. Here's a look at some "mixed-up" sports that you can find in places you wouldn't expect, like indoor skiing in Dubai or surfing in Ireland. So the next time, you're heading off to Ireland, get ready to hang ten!

Indoor Skiing In Dubai

Surfing In Ireland

Ready, Set, Action!

What "mixed-up" sport would you most like to see?

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Surf's Up In Ireland, Snow In The Desert

When on vacation, it's always fun to try new things. Here are just a few of the "mixed-up" sports you can try:

1. Surfing In Ireland: Sure, Ireland is usually associated with its rolling, green hills, not its rollicking waves -- especially since it's in a colder environment than, say, Hawaii or the Great Barrier Reef. However, there are plenty of spots along the Atlantic Ocean, where you can indeed surf, provided you wear a wetsuit to keep warm. In fact, the sport has become so popular over there that one of the best surfing beaches in Northern Ireland --Portballintrae’s Runkerry Strand -- is being considered by the government as a spot worth giving protection so that the waters are cleaner.

2. Skiing or snowboarding in Hawaii: Hawaii may be known for being a lush, tropical paradise, but don't forget -- there are some pretty tall volcanoes there, especially on the Big Island. That said, many of them do get some snow throughout the year. So when packing your bathing suit, also bring your snow suit. And enjoy one of the few places in the world where you can surf and snowboard on the same island.

3. Scuba diving in New York City: Though NYC is surrounded by water, the riverways are hardly the place to go fishing in, let alone deep-sea diving. Yet this hasn't stopped anyone from opening several scuba schools in Manhattan, such as Scuba New York or Empire Divers. The schools are equipped with a large heated pool where students can learn to dive, as well as how to operate the equipment. You can take intensive courses which get you certified within days or take a few weeks to complete the work. Most do require that you go on an actual dive trip in the ocean before granting you a certificate.

4. Skiing in Dubai: No, I'm not talking about skiing down sand dunes; Dubai has actually opened an indoor resort called Ski Dubai, where you can truly ski, sled and snowboard on the white stuff. The park are so authentic that it even has ski lifts and offer lessons! It's a great way to cool off in one, hot town.

5. Boating in the Australian Outback: Alice Springs, Australia is one of the dryest places in the world ... which is why many believe it's the perfect location for a waterless boat race! Waterless, you ask? Yep. Each year, the Henley-On-Todd Regatta takes place right on the dry Todd River bed. Since there's no water to carry the boats, participants find interesting methods for getting their vehicles over the finish line. It's all in good fun, though there are those competitors who take the event quite seriously. Oh, and if there happens to actually be too much water in the river ... the event is cancelled!

Henley-On-Todd Regata in Alice Springs, Australia

Vacation Surprises

When visiting a new country, you never know what you'll encounter. But being surprised is part of the fun, especially when it involves you getting to do your favorite activities in someplace unexpected. 


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    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I've heard of two of these events. Skiing on the Big Island and surfing in Ireland took me by complete surprise. What a fascinating find! Thank you.