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Walt Disney World Resources on the Web

Updated on March 8, 2011

Planning Your Trip to Walt Disney World

Maybe you're planning your once in a lifetime trip to Walt Disney World and you want to make sure everything goes perfectly and that you get everything for the best price.  Or maybe you've already been to Disney World lots of times and have learned along the way that planning the trip is half the fun! 

With so many places online to visit before making your plans, sometimes it gets a little mind-boggling. Well, guess what? I'm about to make it worse!  Welcome to the Ultimate Walt Disney World Resource Guide!  From forums where people gather to plan their trips and relive previous ones, to park ticket discount sites, to the official Walt Disney World sites, I hope to bring you a comprehensive guide to the resources you need to plan your trip to Walt Disney World.

Disney Trip Planning Forums - From Walt Disney World to Disneyland and beyond

If you're ready to take the plunge into trip planning, you can make it a lot more fun by chatting with other folks planning their trips. Plus, you'll find that frequent visitors to WDW are some of your best resources anytime Google lets you down, or you just need some last minute advice.

Disboards maintains my favorite forums.

Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

Most Disney theme park visitors will agree that the Unofficial Guide knocks the socks off all the other Walt Disney World guides available.

The Disney Passporter

The Passporter is another of the most popular of the Disney World guidebooks. In addition to maps it features pockets and itinerary sheets so you can keep track of all the plans you are making for your trip.

Grocery Delivery to Disney World Resorts

Disney Vacation Club members visiting the DVC resorts can get the most use out of having groceries delivered directly to the resort, but if you are renting a refrigerator for your room, you can save a lot of money in the park just by stocking up on bottled water, soda, drinks and snacks.

These are the two major delivery services that deliver to park resorts and hotels.


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