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Updated on July 26, 2012

Suposedly the home of dracula, this gothic little town just oozes with wonder from The Whitby Abbey ( a magnificent structure that catches the eye) down to The Docks and the little village pubs. Its home to breath taking views and endless memories and its by far one of the most georgous places ive ever travelled to.

Just a quiet weekend away can turn into one of the best holidays you could ever have, even with its gothic history whitby is also quite romantic when you spend your time there with your lover, and believe it or not but camping in a field with sheep baaaahhh'ing at the side just makes it a whole lot quirkier.

Id DEFINATLY reconmend this quiet seaside town to anyone. They do the best fish & chips there, all freshly caught from the harbour and the shops seem to all be in their own little time zone. Its quite mystical in its own wierd way.
Lou x


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