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Who are working on a cruiseship

Updated on October 1, 2013
A beautiful cruise ship!
A beautiful cruise ship!

Why working on a cruise ship

Working on a cruise ship is hard work, without opportunities to go home. You remain continuously involved in your work and every day a one hundred percent effort is expected of you. This of course sounds very harsh and unattractive.

However, working on a cruise ship also gives you the chance to discover the world and many different people. Are you planning to work on a cruise ship, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Are you motivated, enterprising and adventurous, then a job on a cruise ship could be a challenge for you. In addition, working on a cruise ship is very informative and it is good for your resume.

Biggest cruise ship ever made!

How many jobs on cruise ships are available

Working on a cruise ship seems a unique job that only a few people can obtain.

However, if you have the ambition to do this work, every year enough jobs on cruise ships appear. Because there are more than 250 cruise ships sailing around the world.

Furthermore, cruises are very attractive to go on for a holiday, therefore the coming years dozens of new cruise ships are built. All these cruise ships vary enormously, from size and luxury. There are cruise ships that can carry 100 passengers and only need 50 crewmembers, but there are also enormous cruise ships that can carry 5,000 passengers and therefore 2,000 crewmembers are needed. With such huge numbers needed, shipping companies of cruise ships are constantly looking for new staff.

What positions are available

The functions that you can apply for on a cruise ship are very different.

The big cruise ships are similar to large resorts where there is a lot to do. Besides to the personnel from the crew of the ship, the majority of staff is working in the hotel and holiday section of the ship.

This staff includes managers, catering staff (cooks and bartenders), casino personnel, personnel for the hair salon and beauty department and people for entertainment. The entertainment includes multiple musicians and all those who look after the sound and light.

Ask about the positions that are free and you will be amazed about the possibilities you have.

Where do you have to apply for a job on a cruise ship

Shipping companies from cruise ships have multiple agencies who recruit staff on behalf of the company. Most shipping companies of cruise ships are based in America and England.

The possibilities to apply are so extensive that it is advisable to access the site "cruise job" on the Internet. On this site numerous companies and agencies with job opportunities are listed.

What are the requirements to work on a cruise ship

The requirements to be working on a cruise ship depend very much on the company and function.

However, there are general guidelines that you usually have to meet. The age requested is mostly between 20 and 40 years. Also a certificate or diploma which applies to the function is demanded, as well as work experience of approximately 1 and 3 years for the desired job. Mastering the English language is obliged because this is generally the language of the staff on a cruise ship.

The Queen Victoria, made by Cunard Lines!
The Queen Victoria, made by Cunard Lines!


Working on a cruise ship could be very challenging, you see a lot of different countries and you will meet lots of different people.

You certainly are going to miss your family (if it’s a long cruise), but if that doesn’t bother you, then go for it!

Enjoy your job at a cruise ship!


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