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Updated on May 1, 2012 Cruises

If you are looking for a unique luxury all inclusive cruise, then Silverseas Cruise lines may be worth a long look. These European style cruises aim to please all of their passengers. Their cruise guests come from all over the world to experience their hospitality. Their cruiseships have some of the largest and most expansive suites available with any line. Each of their suites will give their occupants a panoramic view. Beginning in the early 1990's, the founders built a unique and elegant cruise vacation experience that is probably not very often rivaled.

Silverseas Cruises first ship was named the Silver Cloud and was launched in 1994. The next three cruise ships were named the Silver Wind, Silver Shadow, and the Silver Whisper. These ships were intentionally built to be a little smaller and more intimate so as to be able to navigate some of the smaller and more exotic ports that the larger ships would have trouble visiting. Today this luxury cruise line is defined by delivering and elite luxury cruise experience. Winning numerous awards from top flight industry groups gives them a solid reputation for performing day in and day out to delivery customer satisfaction. They cater to the world trarveller and maintain offices in the U.S., Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Cruising is a great way to vacation. Source: Morguefile
Cruising is a great way to vacation. Source: Morguefile

Silverseas Cruise Lines

All of the suites are ocean view accommodations and many have private verandas. These are not discount cruises, although if plan ahead you may be able to find some discounts and discounted prices for packages, depending upon destination and time of year. When on your Silver Seas trip and vacation, everything is included in the all-inclusive price. Also included are some items that you would not expect. They provide complimentary beverages onboard the ship, which includes champagne, spirits and fine wines are there for you to enjoy, all courtesy of the cruise line. Even the in-suite cooler and beverage cabinet is stocked with a chilled bottle of champagne that awaits your arrival. Also stocked and included are your preferred assortment of complimentary beverages. All gratuities are already included. Also you will experience more of a free style cruising experience, meaning that you do not have an assigned table of dining times, you can dine when and where you want. Also included in 24 hour room service that is also complimentary. You can order what ever you want, when you want and have it delivered to your room or suite without any charge.

Silversea Cruises - World of Cruising

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