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Updated on February 23, 2012

Southwest Airlines has become known as a low cost airlines with affordable airfare ticket prices. They fly to most of the busiest airports across the country, and chances are they will service most destinations that you fly to within the U.S. Once at their corporate website you will find a lot of things going within the site. You can start at the top of the page and search for Special Offers and last minute travel deals and vacation packages. You can browse the travel guide and see all of the airline and travel destinations. You may also be interested in their Rapid Rewards program and learn how you can earn flights faster. If you already have a Rapid Rewards account you can login and signon to your travel account and see your points and redeem for travel rewards.

You can also search for airfare and airline tickets, find car rentals and hotel rooms for your trip with your selected travel dates. If you have flexibe travel dates, you can search for travel discounts set for particular days. This airlines company has become fairly large as they fly more than 3,200 flights each day.

The low cost airline company began in 1971 with only three Boeing 737 airplanes and at the beginning they serviced only three Texas cities, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. Today Southwest Airlines maintains and operates 537 Boeing 737 aircraft. They provide airline flights in 68 cities across 35 states in the U.S. Their specialty is low cost airfares. They have become the largest U.S. airline and air carrier as it relates to the number of domestic passengers. Southwest Airlines employs nearly 35,000 people. Their NYSE stock symbol is 'LUV'.

The airline's top airports and cities include Las Vegas, Chicago Midway, Phoenix, Baltimore and Washington, Houston Hobby, Dallas, Los Angeles, Oakland and Orlando. Their shortest daily flight route is between Fort Myers, FL and Orlando, FL and is 133 miles. Their longest flight each day is between Las Vegas and Providence and is 2,363 miles.

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