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#1. I am not a cat.

#2. Thank you for stopping by to visit, I am excited to have you here. My writing ranges from cheap hubs about technology and sentimental cow manure, to more well thought-out and well researched hubs about politics and especially the Bible. There are a few funny ones and some intelligent rational musings such as whether or not man belongs in space.

#3. I often write hubs that are too long and usually comment the same way, but shoot, that's why we're here right? Which brings me to point number

4. Disclosure: I am grateful for all my followers. However, Hubpages is a writers' community and although that means we get to write almost anything we want and have the whole wide world see it, being a part of the community means that you should read other people's hubs. This is especially important when choosing to follow someone. The way I like to do it is to read one or two hubs from an author I have just met and leave comments on both and of course rate. THEN I'll hit the follow button. Hint hint.

Hubpages is not just a networking site to find new friends in a writing format. It's great to make friends here, but please don't expect to get an automatic follow from me. Nor do I expect it from you if I have hit your follow button. Hubpages is not about traffic, it's about writing first, community second and maybe money and backlinking third. So please read my hubs and comment before following.

Without further preamble, here is a humorous hub to lighten the dour rhetoric from the last two paragraphs: A Twisted View About Success on Hubpages.

My most popular hub is: Wolf Dog Hybrids.

This next one sparked some controversy within the Star Trek community, I even had a visit from the most well known person in the fan community besides the actors themselves, a very well known Star Trek geek, you'll have to read the comments to find out who that is: Your Inner Klingon.

Political: Hamas Coming to the United States Sanctioned in Bill H.R. 1388 Signed by Obama.

And my most favorite so far: The Real Meaning of Charity.

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my hubs.

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