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Angela Moore (ang l moe)

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I am an aspiring author and Entrepreneur. I have discovered writing to be a long process. Currently I have been working on my first book for the past seven years. I did put it down for a few years while "dedicating" my life to the financial world. Recently picked it back up, dusted off the cobwebs and now trying to get down to business. I have always had a lot to say. Just everyday observance of the people and things around me to let me know that I am not as crazy as I thought I was. I have determined that I am not a nine to five person. I don't mind hard work but I want to be control of my destiny. After recently being downsized, I realize that if I want to be content, happy, successful, I can't also place my life in the hands of someone who in a whim may decided no matter how great of a job you are doing, they will let you go just to put a few extra dollars in the hands of the"powers that be". I also want to complete my start up business, spend time with my husband, kids and grandkids.

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