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I always find myself staring at the screen for a while when the time comes to write a bio. Why, you ask? That is because there is so much to tell. I have half of an unfinished autobiography collecting dust as we speak. The reason being, it is hard to write about the past, sometimes even the present. For now, I will offered a brief, generalized  bio of my current life. 

My name is Ashly Christen. I am currently a stay at home mom, the occasional bartender, and constant full time mom of two very handsome boys. I love to cook, create with my hands, and write. I have no label to put on my writing. I like it all. Fiction, non fiction, fantasy, and the reality we live in day to day. 

I have been scribbling down words that fill my mind onto paper since I can remember. It was always a source of release and refuge. I could hide away in a world of my own creation, I could curl up in bed with my pen, a light, and blank pages waiting to be filled with the blood of my soul written in ink, in blood, there was no difference to me. Writing is love. 

I have reached a point in my life where writing is no longer a place to hide, but to inform and inspire. It is like building a new friendship. I welcome you to accompany me on this journey. 

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