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I recently updated this hub.  Previsiously "Aunaturale" I updated to broaden my scope from solely psychology.  "Natural Life" will encompass my natural life to include psychology, illnesses, and hobbies.

Psychology enthusiast... the mind and behaviors produced by motivation intrigue me.  My first taste of psychology occurred in high school my hunger has yet to diminish. Of greatest thirst is the ability to alter the behavior of another by stimuli or lack of stimulus to produce the desire to act upon impulse or control the impulse to act.

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  • Cognitive Psychology

    Cognitive Psychology

    7 years ago

    Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology is defined as the study of higher intellectual processes such as attention, perception, problem solving, language use, memory, and thought. The development of cognitive...

  • Biological Psychology Definition

    Biological Psychology Definition

    5 years ago

    Biological Psychology When biology and psychology combine they create a method of defining how biology contributes to behaviors. Developmental, cognitive, clinical and other areas of psychology focus on phenomena...