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I'm a Web writer who writes seven days a week on topics I'm assigned by others. Some days I just need to get away from that world. That's when I come to HubPages to let off some steam and write about whatever the heck I want.

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  • Why Current Movies Suck

    Why Current Movies Suck

    6 years ago

    The movie industry is at a loss for why so few movies do well these days. The last few years have shown an overall slump in box office sales with 2005 being the worst box office year in 20 years. If not for Batman this...

  • Raising Chihuahuas

    Raising Chihuahuas

    4 years ago

    Photo by Chihuahua Acres Chihuahuas have a legendary dual nature- they're nature's forever babies with a sweet, affectionate nature. They love to be carried and pampered, and most don't mind looking a little silly at...