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Lipodissolve Might Not Really Dissolve Your Fat

Updated on March 10, 2013

What Is Lipodissolve?

People in search of a way to get rid of excess fat may look into a procedure known as lipodissolve. Spas and medical facilities that give this treatment use injections just below the skin to deliver a combination of chemicals they claim will dissolve fat deposits. Using these injections has become a common way to try to lose some weight and get a better shape. And because they are given by many upscale spas, patients assume that they work.

However, these chemicals are not always the same from one facility to the next. Some inject a combination of drugs into patients. Others use mixtures of vitamins and herbs or combinations of medical drug components and vitamins. With little oversight on what is being injected, there is little way to create a comprehensive study of these injections to see whether they actually help to burn fat.

What the FDA Says About Lipodissolve

Any medical procedure done in the U.S. must be approved by the FDA. Any substances that are sold with a claim of medical benefits must also have the FDA's approval. However, lipodissolve has no approval of any kind. There have never been any medical tests of this procedure to show that it does anything for excess fat. It has also never been proven to be safe for patients. It is currently unknown whether there are any long-term health effects from the injections.

The FDA has sent warning letters to spas that offer the injection regimen to warn them about misleading the public. With zero proof that the injections work, spas cannot legally claim that they actually dissolve fat. However, spas and medical facilities still offer the treatment. At least one plastic surgery center in my state still advertises the procedure for fat reduction.

Is Lipodissolve Worth the Risk?

If you're unhappy about excess fat, you may wonder whether it's worth trying the procedure, even if it hasn't actually been proven to work. However, wasting money isn't the only risk. The FDA warns of adverse effects from the injections that aren't worth risking when the only payoff is a small reduction in fat. The adverse effects include deep scars at the injection sites and painful knots under the skin.

If you want to try one of these injections, ask what you're being injected with. "Natural compounds" isn't a good answer. If it's a mixture of vitamins, it may help the metabolism. If it's a mixture of items that the injector isn't even familiar with, it may be time to decide against the treatment.


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