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Joined 6 years ago from the United States. Last activity 8 hours ago.

I would rather read nonfiction, but I'd rather write humor. I like to express myself in many ways, but I like to listen first. I am a small person in this big world, but I know I am a big person in some people's small world. I search for truth, but give people the benefit of the doubt. I am not perfect. Nor am I consistent. I am a work in progress.

A hobby of mine is songwriting and playing blues guitar. I have been playing music since I was little and writing songs for over a decade. I enjoy the process of putting all the elements together and arranging music.

I enjoy working with people who have mental illness by teaching them skills to help them reach their highest level of wellness. I enjoy my time haning-out with people who are recovering, and I am constantly learning from them.

Here on HubPages I enjoy writing on various topics which include guitar stuff, greeting card messages, relationships, mental health education, and satire. The great thing about publishing here is the ability to write on a variety of topics.

Outside of Hubpages, I have created and maintained a couple websites to help people figure out what to write in a greeting card. These have been fun projects, and I've found that I must put much more work into managing my own websites than publishing here. This venue has allowed me to learn skills that transfer to other types of work. Just like me, my content is always a work in progress. So, come back and visit my pages because I might have fresh content.

If you're thinking of joining HP, I suggest doing so as a learning opportunity. The more you participate, the more you'll learn. The tools here will help you to create content without having to worry about technical website building issues.

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