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I guess a little bit about me goes here.... Lets see, I was born in Hartford Connecticut. I enjoy writing dramatic poetry, and fiction. I love writing my Nick PT Barnum Stories.. The latest is titled

When the Kingdom comes, God Will Understand..


If you wanna read a novel free on-line click the link and if you like Nick PT Barnum-- check out my latest book-- wait for it... At the nearesrt on-line bookstore!!! LOL just kidding enjoy the free book on-line Friends


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  • That Experience ( Part Two )

    That Experience ( Part Two )

    7 months ago

    The killer didn't need heart failure as death, pain and agony waited in silence, The killer stood up fixing Anne Carter with a cool, contemptuous gaze. Anne fiddled a bit with the toothbrush, but she

  • That Experience

    That Experience

    7 months ago

    Death was on an old bathroom floor that hasn't been renovated since the 1960s fighting off the rigor mortis. Dr. Ariel Rivera didn't know how it got there, but she was determined to find out. She push

  • The High Horse Route

    The High Horse Route

    7 months ago

    The gatherers just stood around and watched the young woman suffering as their brains were being pickled by stupidity.

  • ...Only Loss

    ...Only Loss

    7 months ago

    Kimber then started scanning the length of the train station platform and the parking lot looking for any trace of a witness. It was very early in the morning, and the streets were empty and the .....

  • Black Lives Matter Less

    Black Lives Matter Less

    7 months ago

    A young teenage black boy from a drug plagued neighborhood would probably get lost in the shuffle. Chambers wanted to give that boy a voice. He was hoping something would ...........

  • . . . A Psychological Profile

    . . . A Psychological Profile

    7 months ago

    Chambers glanced back over to the derelict, who seemed to be enjoying the interrogation. The smile on his face seemed exaggerated which suggested amusement. It was so difficult to comprehend the......

  • Offering A Chorus of Complaints

    Offering A Chorus of Complaints

    7 months ago

    With the exception of the baby monitor, there were no other means for summoning help. There were no buttons to push, no emergency cords or intercoms. There was no dialing 911, and because she was hard

  • Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    7 months ago

    Sister Teresa Keller was just as startled as King when she walked into the kitchen and saw the teenager standing there holding a gun to her face. For King it was an involuntary reaction that made him

  • And Then Silence...

    And Then Silence...

    7 months ago

    William Washington swallowed hard. He moved his head into the apartment just a bit, but still had enough to keep the conversation with O'Brien going. He snapped his fingers as if trying to recall some

  • Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    7 months ago

    O'Brien knew that somewhere deep down inside him, he could handle a drink. He never truly believed he can go on with his life in the state of sobriety. If he planned to drink after weeks out of rehab,

  • By Virtue

    By Virtue

    7 months ago

    Chambers knew that every visit to the autopsy room reaffirmed a detective's need for a mental buffer between the living and the dead. The freezer held more than a dozen bodies just waiting for the dis

  • In the Flashes of Images

    In the Flashes of Images

    4 weeks ago

    He would not bargain with God for his life, because it was what he deserved for killing over a hundred men in battle. He saw flesh pop and explode as their blood sprayed all over the fresh greenery...

  • People Who Play Sheep

    People Who Play Sheep

    6 months ago

    The mass suicide had given them the myth of the raging pursuit. Everyone in the state goes around pointing fingers, and giving their expert opinion on why and how this could have happened. They also explain that the...

  • A Sudden Role Reversal

    A Sudden Role Reversal

    7 months ago

    Kimber rattled her head for information, and she remembered the day starting off with a domestic. It was on Clinton Avenue closer to the Railroad Avenue side, a true tragedy in which a young Puerto Rican girl was...

  • Her Premonition of Dread

    Her Premonition of Dread

    7 months ago

    The old woman screamed. The shadow and its fury vanished, and there was only the darkness. She was shuddering with worry. She had a premonition about a wolf attacking her granddaughter, and her premonition of dread had...

  • Empty Silence

    Empty Silence

    7 months ago

    Jimmy Williams saw a pair of legs buckling in slow repetition and a glimmer of hope lit up in his eyes. He watched the paramedics struggle as they began working a device that greatly constricted the blood flow to the...

  • 2400 Martin Luther King Boulevard

    2400 Martin Luther King Boulevard

    7 months ago

    2400 Martin Luther King Boulevard shook the entire police squad. The crime scene was a back alley of an old Caldor Department store. The victim was slumped over the steering wheel with three gunshots to the side of his...

  • Whalley Avenue

    Whalley Avenue

    7 months ago

    Placing the body here wasn’t strange or illogical. It made sense to leave it where no one wanted to be noticed. Whalley Avenue.

  • An Act of Impulse

    An Act of Impulse

    7 months ago

    It was just after two in the morning, and the lead detective completed scouring the streets. It was in an after hours bar when two men shot at each other. Each man represented a different gang, and the lead detective...

  • Autumn Sky Fade to Black

    Autumn Sky Fade to Black

    7 months ago

    He felt guilty because if the shooting had been someone else, the reports would have been different. The shooter would have been labeled a murderer. The young man who died would have been labeled a homicide victim. The...

  • Diamond Six

    Diamond Six

    7 months ago

    For all of humanity, hell was entirely the creation of one’s own mind. Working the Westside district brought that creation to light. It was Seaside Park Diamond Six, there were four unfinished graves dug in the...

  • A Pimp Chronicle

    A Pimp Chronicle

    6 months ago

    There were drugs all over the floor, his brain fried, blood splattered on the door, he sat in a wooden chair, tied

  • Time Of Call Was 0300

    Time Of Call Was 0300

    5 months ago

    he turned the corner and saw the ambulance, the street was a light show, time of call was 0300, and that was a half an hour ago,

  • In The Gallery

    In The Gallery

    5 months ago

    It took years and lots of tears, but finally he would confess, his life was a total mess...

  • Another File

    Another File

    6 months ago

    earring ripped out of his ear, murderer gone without a single trace,as the gay community would fear, another file, another cold case.

  • Life Was Mercy

    Life Was Mercy

    7 months ago

    I couldn’t believe that life could seduce an endless train of people, in order to reduce my own depression, I drew close enough to see the pulsing beauty of their unique expression,

  • A Stranglehold

    A Stranglehold

    6 months ago

    She had difficulties remembering the events that landed her in a hospital bed, bandages were on tight,

  • It Was A Downtown Scene

    It Was A Downtown Scene

    7 months ago

    It was a downtown scene, shot past the streetlight he thought it was green, as if to make a point,

  • Race Became the Dominate Theme

    Race Became the Dominate Theme

    7 months ago

    Sirens ran through the air, it dominated every other sound, made everyone’s heart pound, an emergency was near, and that was very clear,

  • A Scream Flooded The Air

    A Scream Flooded The Air

    6 months ago

    and the angry man had remained speechless, he was her guardian angel, the only one, but she took her own life, and his job, reluctantly done.

  • Baseball In The 1970's

    Baseball In The 1970's

    7 months ago

    So many triumphs and losses came throughout the 1970's. Lets look back at some...

  • Euphoric...


    5 months ago

    the dead spirits far away, their sorrows would play, as my hand moved toward my throat, lingering there as the cries grew, I drew a small, slow breath,

  • She Could Hear Laughter In Her Daughter's Cries

    She Could Hear Laughter In Her Daughter's Cries

    6 months ago

    as she looked up at her picture, light brown hair falling into her eyes, there was fear near, it was undeniable, as she fought back the tears,

  • Crazy Kills Crazy

    Crazy Kills Crazy

    7 months ago

    Nick PT Barnum. Wordlessly, he brings himself face to face with the serial killer, leaning forward until their eyes were less than a foot apart. The horrific murderer was sitting in a chair in a hotel room waiting for...

  • Had She Done Something Wrong?

    Had She Done Something Wrong?

    5 months ago

    What could have caused such a reaction? Had she done something wrong?

  • Moon Lit Up The Sky

    Moon Lit Up The Sky

    6 months ago

    Her actions, tasteful, her make-up, flawless, her manners, graceful, her laugh, infectious,

  • Religion Failed Man

    Religion Failed Man

    5 months ago

    two poems here for your entertainment Like Dust and Religion failed man...

  • Nick PT Barnum's Serial Killer

    Nick PT Barnum's Serial Killer

    7 months ago

    Nick PT Barnum was getting closer and he knew that, but he had a powerful drive. It was almost like an addiction. He had to kill.

  • A Wisp

    A Wisp

    6 months ago

    two poems written by Atanacio A Wisp and Euphoric.. enjoy

  • After Purgatory

    After Purgatory

    7 months ago

    The spirits would cause the most harm, as the devil would begin by turning on the charm,

  • That Thousand Yard Stare

    That Thousand Yard Stare

    7 months ago

    Tired eyes, aching feet, he moved like a man who spent his years on the street, long, dirty and straggly hair was beginning to recede,

  • God's Compelling Realism

    God's Compelling Realism

    8 weeks ago

    Trapped In A Sin She prayed faster and faster, prayers tripping one over the other, her breath she tried to draw, her throat burning and raw

  • Too Much To Take

    Too Much To Take

    5 months ago

    His face, suspicious with a touch of coldness, no grace...

  • Shadows Dancing in a Ghetto Ballet

    Shadows Dancing in a Ghetto Ballet

    6 months ago

    The shadows were dancing in this ghetto ballet....

  • All the Wickedness of War

    All the Wickedness of War

    7 months ago

    War and Destruction there was a slight rise, the shooting was steady, ambush ready, bullets in the air,

  • Crazy


    6 months ago

    Voices calling, whispers rising, then falling, face flushed red, shaking her head, walking stiffly, like the living dead,

  • A Self-Proclaimed Witch

    A Self-Proclaimed Witch

    7 months ago

    Her eyes would twitch, she was a self proclaimed witch, fear and desperation, it was what she was facing, her pulse was racing,

  • Crime Scene

    Crime Scene

    6 months ago

    the crime scene was mainly the car, with the victim slumped in the backseat, emotions did not go far, the body looked like unpackaged meat,

  • In Stagnant, Fetid Air

    In Stagnant, Fetid Air

    5 months ago

    Summer held its own special horrors.. read some more

  • A Detective’s Soliloquy

    A Detective’s Soliloquy

    7 months ago

    As a homicide detective he knew everything was wrong with his life, any man could lie to their wife,