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I guess a little bit about me goes here....  Lets see, I was born in Hartford Connecticut. I enjoy writing dramatic poetry, and fiction. I love writing my Nick PT Barnum Stories.. The latest is titled


When the Kingdom comes, God Will Understand.. 



If you wanna read a novel free on-line  click the link and if you like Nick PT Barnum-- check out my latest book--  wait for it... At the nearesrt on-line bookstore!!!  LOL  just kidding  enjoy the free book on-line Friends


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  • The High Horse Route

    The High Horse Route

    4 months ago

    The gatherers just stood around and watched the young woman suffering as their brains were being pickled by stupidity.

  • ...Only Loss

    ...Only Loss

    3 months ago

    Kimber then started scanning the length of the train station platform and the parking lot looking for any trace of a witness. It was very early in the morning, and the streets were empty and the .....

  • Black Lives Matter Less

    Black Lives Matter Less

    6 months ago

    A young teenage black boy from a drug plagued neighborhood would probably get lost in the shuffle. Chambers wanted to give that boy a voice. He was hoping something would ...........

  • . . . A Psychological Profile

    . . . A Psychological Profile

    6 months ago

    Chambers glanced back over to the derelict, who seemed to be enjoying the interrogation. The smile on his face seemed exaggerated which suggested amusement. It was so difficult to comprehend the......

  • Offering A Chorus of Complaints

    Offering A Chorus of Complaints

    6 months ago

    With the exception of the baby monitor, there were no other means for summoning help. There were no buttons to push, no emergency cords or intercoms. There was no dialing 911, and because she was hard

  • Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    Those Three Words Crept Over King's Mountain

    7 months ago

    Sister Teresa Keller was just as startled as King when she walked into the kitchen and saw the teenager standing there holding a gun to her face. For King it was an involuntary reaction that made him

  • And Then Silence...

    And Then Silence...

    7 months ago

    William Washington swallowed hard. He moved his head into the apartment just a bit, but still had enough to keep the conversation with O'Brien going. He snapped his fingers as if trying to recall some

  • Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    Subtle Forms of Manipulation

    8 months ago

    O'Brien knew that somewhere deep down inside him, he could handle a drink. He never truly believed he can go on with his life in the state of sobriety. If he planned to drink after weeks out of rehab,

  • By Virtue

    By Virtue

    8 months ago

    Chambers knew that every visit to the autopsy room reaffirmed a detective's need for a mental buffer between the living and the dead. The freezer held more than a dozen bodies just waiting for the dis

  • Signs of Life

    Signs of Life

    3 months ago

    Shelton only remembered the nausea that plagued him several weeks ago, but that had not lasted for too long. He didn't remember the last time he put something in his stomach, but he wasn't hungry eith

  • Desperately Meaningless

    Desperately Meaningless

    3 months ago

    There were no witnesses, no motive, but still there was a body on the floor. After the stabbings the man was dead, and then dead some more with the gun shot blast. One of the uniforms sat on the bed..

  • Evil Was There In The Most Horrific Sense

    Evil Was There In The Most Horrific Sense

    3 months ago

    The clerk saw gray death staring out of the mask. It was an odd look. It was as if the grim reaper stood before him, waiting. The clerk's eyes broke when he tried to return the gun man's stare.

  • The Darkness Felt Like Chains

    The Darkness Felt Like Chains

    3 months ago

    Kimber had this blind urge to run, seek light, and to just get the hell out of there, but she couldn't. The darkness felt like chains and it bounded her in place. The room around her seem to expand and close in on her...

  • The Pinnacle of Violence

    The Pinnacle of Violence

    3 months ago

    A voice of despair rang out from the basement's darkness. That voice shrilled and echoed through Chambers' subconscious mind. His brain was rattling like a ping pong ball being shot across the table by two professionals...

  • Company 42

    Company 42

    3 months ago

    The firefighters moved the body of an eighty year old man who lived on the third floor and died in bed. There were no windows, and poor ventilation. It was almost a guarantee that the smoke killed him before the fire...

  • A Form of Chrysalis

    A Form of Chrysalis

    3 months ago

    That small piece of goodness tried to stay with him as it spoke to him with surprise and disgust, but there wasn’t enough to control the hatred. The monster that was growing inside him really never understood...

  • A Voice Split the Darkness

    A Voice Split the Darkness

    3 months ago

    Sweat poured down her face, broke over her thin jaw, and drained down her neck. Her hands were trembling and the veins popping up as she tried pulling against the constraints. She held her breath while trying to fight...

  • El Club Cinco

    El Club Cinco

    3 months ago

    Kimber knew that if she’d dug up some information on many of the dead, she would find some history in the computer, which can scan city arrests going back several years. But there would be nothing exceptional to...

  • A Violent Haunting

    A Violent Haunting

    3 months ago

    The cook leaned back against the pantry wall, his heading spinning like a child’s top. His fear thickened as the chained ghost approached. There was an odd wind picking up. It lifted his hair like static, which...

  • Life Pauses Dramatically

    Life Pauses Dramatically

    6 months ago

    Either from the force of the rape or from her own efforts to escape the woman rolled off the side of the bed and onto the floor. There was a small amount of blood splatter on the lower side of the box spring. She was...

  • Liquid Confessions

    Liquid Confessions

    5 months ago

    Later that evening, Porter Hurst arrived at the chapel wagon in a state of great agitation and told Father Mason Richards he absolutely had to make a confession immediately. Hurst sat down in one of two chairs that were...

  • Another Savage

    Another Savage

    5 months ago

    The burly man laughed and slapped a large hand on the table, knocking over the glasses, and the half empty bottle of whiskey. “Come on; don’t let that red devil scare you. Say what you mean, he won’t...

  • Freed From Her Fears

    Freed From Her Fears

    5 months ago

    She thought her heart was riding low to the ground, but it wasn’t. It was blood pouring out of a hole from her chest. Then she heard another crack, and that was when she felt heat penetrating her skull. Freed from...

  • Laura Kimber

    Laura Kimber

    8 months ago

    There was a sense of movement, and then a rush of reality chilled her to the bone. Bodies were stacked on a park bench like driftwood. Her thoughts descended deeper and deeper into cold darkness. She had begun to doubt...

  • Empty Chambers

    Empty Chambers

    3 months ago

    Finding her murderer ended without even a dying fragment of hope. The reality was simply pale, starved and weak. The case would never go cold, but it would remain open long after Chambers was soaking in his pension.

  • Empty Silence

    Empty Silence

    9 months ago

    Jimmy Williams saw a pair of legs buckling in slow repetition and a glimmer of hope lit up in his eyes. He watched the paramedics struggle as they began working a device that greatly constricted the blood flow to the...

  • A Terrifying Apparition

    A Terrifying Apparition

    3 months ago

    Hoping and wishing. His mind was still veiled in a gray haze. He couldn’t remember the past. He couldn’t remember their childhood. It was all in a dark cloud. The laughing and joking was not there. The...