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Hiya I'm Hazel, I'm 32 years old and sliding into my 30's bitterly. I have 2 girls 10yrs she acts older than me and 1 in her terrible 2's only they are not terrible, extremly funny when they are both together (a double act). She dances like her mum terrible. But has grumpiness like her dad. We all live in Stockport Cheshire, I have no idea how hub traffic linking or anything works I find it like therapy writing a hub. I write about things I know best i.e what I've experienced or things I am interested in mostly Paranormal my fav. time of year is middle of October when you can kick thru the leaves on the floor.... your picking out Halloween things dark nights make me n the girls feel cosy. Then the kids nxt best fav. thing is on the horizon Christmas! forget the rest until our traditional trip round the garden cent. with the mini train to collect and plant our piccasso of hanging baskets and wall baskets the sand pit n paddlin pool soon follow then our year starts again. Note to self dnt babble n gotta get out more. So "Heya" pleased to meet you !!

Hazel B x x

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