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I am a freelance writer and current college student. I love writing. Going to school to make me a better writer. While I'm earning my degree in Journalism, I am writing for the college newspaper, writing on my blog, and producing my weekly music podcast where I spotlight rare music and local artists.

See all my latest news at: Great Unknowns Music Exposé or The Great Unknowns Podcast

I previously wrote for WorldVoiceReport.com as a sports writer starting back in 2006. I will write just about anything that fancies me,  but I've become more of a Food & Wine critic. 

Because Hubpages is more of an information seekers website, I'm more inclined not to write on these kinds of subjects any longer, but I might in the future. Who knows.

I previously worked in the real estate business. Since the mortgage crisis has affected this economy, I have become a victim of the down turn. I am hopeful to make a career in the print media or some form of radio or broadcasting someday.  

Feel free to send me a request or just ask me a question. I am an open book and will discuss anything that is worth discussing.

I listen to Indie Rock and Modern Folk music. I love movies and I love to read.




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